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A hectic and almost dry January

So, the inside scoop is this month has been pretty much flat out since before the new year. Term ended nicely as the weeks before Christmas are always good fun. Highlights such as the Gym gym’s (welsh speakers society) Christmas social, the rugby Christmas dinner, numerous other dinners with friends and the drive up through Wales to home were a pleasant calm before a rather harsh storm that was about to hit.

What makes a medical student who has been at University for four years more scared than anything? You guessed it; essay based exams. As I’m doing my intercalated year the emphasis in my exams has shifted away from breadth of knowledge to depth of knowledge about specific areas and I’d literally forgotten how to revise for exams like that. So it wasn’t the best Christmas unfortunately.

Naturally I found time for some respite but my organisational acumen seemed to shoot through the roof as I prepared tailored and detailed study books because I simply realised hard much it was going to be to all this regurgitate. I knew essay based exams on other courses were tough. After this experience I’m in awe, knowing all the lecture material and doing your own reading as well! I have a so much respect for people who succeed at University who only do exams like this. Without a doubt the hardest exam session I have ever done. However, it has to be said also the most enjoyable. It was nice to have a little group of 5 revising the same topic and made for some quite funny late night antics at the library.

I really enjoyed actually dipping into journal articles and having some facts to add into your exam essays and it was nice to actually be able to show an examiner what you do know as opposed to hoping your stronger areas come up. Nonetheless four exams in the new year was a pretty tall order but learning to juggle has been one of the best things about medical school in general.

I finished on a Thursday and then played for the Meds on Saturday the 23rd of January. The main reason I’m mentioning it was although I was feeling unfit I managed to get my self on the end of our scrum half’s break and score my maiden try which felt pretty special so there were some festivities bound for that night. Unfortunately it was a case of no rest for the wicked because we also had an essay due in the following week which I have just completed now as January draws to a close. I was also in doing my lab project some of last week (which I will detail next month). 2000 words on the future of the technologies that detail chromosome abnormalities, it was a hard slog.

So a very hectic January it was but my next term is looking a bit less intense as few have fewer exams and less coursework. Maybe there will be a chance to catch up on some sleep in February.


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