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The first term has drawn to an end, and although it doesn’t feel like it we are midway through the academic year. I think that everyone is glad of a break to spend time with family, friends and some cheesy Christmas telly! I’m sure that after the stress of exams and coursework, polishing off your CV is the last thing on your mind, but the few weeks off over Christmas can be an excellent opportunity to think about finding a job for the summer.

As well providing some extra money, working in practice whilst you study can be really useful when applying for jobs and during your degree. Many of the skills you will learn, such as measuring intraocular pressure and field tests are examined during your degree; You will also get experience of how opticians are run day to day and an understanding of the different roles there are making it easier for you to slot in and work with others during your pre-registration year. I have also found that during my time working, I have become a lot more confident when dealing with the public, and I have found it interesting to observe some of the issues that the optometrists working in the practice can face and how they deal with them.

Many companies request that you work for the for several weeks in the summer after your second year if you are thinking of doing your pre-registration year with them, and previous experience will mean that this is easier for you and they will be impressed with your skills. Also, employers may be more likely to consider you for pre-registration positions if they have met you before and have experience of what you can do and how you work.

Overall, working in an opticians or even other part time work will help you develop a range of skills that will appeal to employers once you graduate . Most employers will be understanding of limited experience and availability, as they will have experience of being a student, so it is definitely worth applying. Apologies for my late post, and I hope that everyone has a good Christmas and enjoys the holidays!


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