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Playing for the Meds

One of the highlights of this term has been without a doubt playing University Rugby with Cardiff Medics RFC. After a few years out from the game I was a bit reluctant about putting the boots on and trying it again but its been nothing short of a blast. Playing again has been outstanding but playing for the meds has made it that much better.

The club is separate from Cardiff University rugby club due to the fact the school of medicine used to be a separate institution and both sides continue to play each other as derby rivals. The club is 109 years old and has a great history and tradition at its heart. More recently it has been the most successful club in the main medical school’s rugby competition NAMS history, winning 17 out of 22 competitions. Unfortunately it hasn’t been won by Cardiff in 5 years so its top of everyones priority to get that right particularly since being defeated narrowly in last year’s final! In addition to medical school rugby, the club’s 1st and 2nd side both compete on Wednesday afternoon in the BUCS league (inter university competition) regularly.

Playing for the club means attending a usually contact training session on Monday nights at Cardiff University Sport ground – Llanrumney, there is then usually a  match on Wednesday and then for those who aern’t too saw a team gym session for an hour on Thursday evening a another passing and touch/ team structure session on Friday evening. This is relatively easy to fit around a schedule and is a great way to play on first class facilities and get some brilliant input from the coach and some of the best players at Cardiff University. However the main highlight of the week is usually game day.

All the meds home games are played on Cardiff Univeristy’s playing field at Llanrumney which is an excellent surface to play on and usually attracts some home support, particualty for our bigger games. However away from home for the 1sts and the 2nds I have played for the meds against Swansea as well as some of the other Universities in Cardiff. However I’ve also been further a field such as Hartpury in Gloucestershire and I played a cup game against Barts and the London on their home ground and it was a great experience to represent the meds in the capital.

In addition to the rugby, the socials are excellent fun with several themed evenings that go back many years. There is also usually one after most matches which provides an excellent social ethic to being part of the club and many people seem to make friends who they stay in touch with for life whilst playing for the club. This week is the traditional club Christmas dinner which is usually well attended and gets everyone excited!

So anyone thinking about doing medicine and wondering if you can still do sport look no further. Cardiff’s impressive array of other sports teams including rugby but also basketball, football, netball, hockey (mens and ladies). Even if sport isn’t your thing though it’s a good illustration of the sort of things that are on offer at University if you throw yourself into the life of the place. University is an excellent opportunity to get involved in all kinds of thins and doing a sport with your friends is just one opportunity it provides. I know I’m going to keep relishing every minute!


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