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The beginning of the end!

So I’ve finally returned to Cardiff for my final year… sob. But in the last few weeks I’ve basically kept myself far too busy to have time about how scary that is (someone just posted on my Facebook that there are 9 Fridays until Christmas? Ahhhhh).

So what have I been up to? Well…

To begin with I went on holiday to Spain to celebrate finishing my placement which was a top idea – it was so nice to chill out after over a year of placement and to take some time to realign my head into ‘study-mode’ instead of ‘work-mode’ (i.e. excuse to go on holiday).

After that I headed straight back to Cardiff for (my last ever) Freshers! I didn’t exactly go crazy, I went out once and that was to a social that the first year students had organised which turned out to be really fun, and that week I also met my mentees for this year. I’m taking part in the Student Mentoring Scheme this year so I have a group of 11 first years who I mentor. It’s a really nice idea for a scheme and is organised by Academic Skills and Development – it’s the first year the Maths Dept have taken part, which is a shame because I would have loved to have it in my first year! We also get funky tshirts…!

After that I went on my first ever review visit with the Quality Assurance Agency to Oxford. The QAA is an organisation that maintains the standards of Higher Education providers like HE colleges and universities. It was so exciting to go on my first ever review as a Student Reviewer, and I learnt so much! I also got to have a look around Oxford which was 100% amazing because it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, and I went full-tourist taking photos all over the place.


From Oxford I made the first trip of the year up to Aberystwyth, which couldn’t come too soon! After a year of being on placement I’ve really missed my regular trips to Aber, and this week was like getting my fix. We spent pretty much the whole weekend outside, on Saturday we took the steam train (as cool as it sounds) up to Devil’s Falls which is a really beautiful waterfall. It said it would take 45 minutes to walk around the set route, and we had 1 hour before the train returned to Aber so we took the challenge and nearly died doing so, but did successfully make it back to the train on time! If you’re ever in mid-Wales you really should try the walk, and the train, because it’s so beautiful!

On Sunday  we walked up Constitution Hill which is well know in Aber. It’s a hill at the end of the beach which looks over the whole of Aberystwyth – so beautiful! It was eerily quiet on the walk up (which took about 2 hours because we took the long route) but when we got to the top it seemed like everyone Ben knew in Aber was there which was really nice 🙂 Here’s the view from the top…

After missing the first week of lectures to go to the review (not my wisest plan ever), I have spent this week going on the annual MathSoc White T Shirt Social, catching up big time on lecture notes, and oh, also seeing Fall Out Boy in the Motorpoint Arena…!


So as you can see I’ve had a pretty crazy first couple of weeks, and I’ve barely had time to consider the terrifying reality that this is my last first term and I plan to keep it that way…


I hope you have a good weekend where ever you are – and I’ll be back to blogging regularly again every month from now!



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