Second year

Second Year

I had my Year 2 Introduction talk last week and thankfully I’m feeling pretty excited for this year (although definitely very nervous). I’m now actually quite glad that our last semester counted towards our final grade, as I think I would be unbelievably nervous about this year right now had it not.

I’ll briefly go through what we were told about year 2 in the intro talk just so any first years or potential future students can get an idea of what second year is like! We were told that this year will be more about applying the knowledge that we’ve gained (instead of simply retaining facts etc.) and incorporating our own original ideas from further reading. Personally I’m looking forward to reading what interests me and being able to answer questions in a more detailed and insightful way (but then again it’s obviously terrifying to move even further away from the safety of just having to memorise facts!).
I know that a lot of people asked me on the open day how much freedom you would get with organising your own studies and following the areas of psychology that interested you. I just wanted to go over what I know whilst it’s fresh in my mind; this year we are given a variety of practical’s and we can sign up to whichever practical interests us the most, we will then be assigned to a practical group based on our preferences. In this practical group we will be given the opportunity to alter the practical slightly in a way that suits us. I’m really looking forward to this as last year we all took part in the same practical and although it was interesting having some more freedom is definitely better!

As well as going over what this year will be about we also talked about the placement year. For those that don’t know we get the chance to go on a professional placement in third year, we can either apply for one of the placements already set up by the university or we can set up our own placement. We have the opportunity to go all over the country and more excitingly all over the world! I’m really looking forward to this and I’ll keep this blog updated as I find out more about the placements available and where I might be going next year!


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