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Final year, final decisions

The time has come to write on a very serious topic guys… because the time has come for me to take life altering decisions.

I apologize sincerely for my absence, it’s been a busy time of year… and receiving an official invite to my own graduation from Cardiff University a few days ago has definitely not eased the chaos in my mind.

As you all know, I am currently in the last year of the all-amazing double degree program in political science. Throughout the years, as any social science student, I have questioned the hows and whys of human interaction and particularly at the international level. Why do states act the way they do? What is the real source of their interests? How can we get things done? All these questions led to many many essays, research papers, exams and even personal trails of thought to find out what’s the best possible answer. I realized though, throughout the years we loose sometimes track of what we aim to do with all the knowledge accumulated, and of how we can put them into use in our future working conditions.

It is important to keep note, every year, of what you want to do, and particularly of the things you’ve learned that really blend into your future projects and career. How about try and elaborate a little grid at the end of every year, with on one side the things you’ve enjoyed learning, and on the other how this could be put to use for you after graduation. The simplest of actions can sometimes make things easier for you. So never panic, keep everything into perspective: learning and gaining a degree is more than just a means to an ends in itself, but it is a very precious key to your professional flourishing.


As you can imagine, graduation is the biggest mashhup of anxiety and excitement ever… leading to you possibly being stupefied. I genuinely imagine it to be one of the best days of my life. Though my personal over-excitement is nothing in comparison to my dad’s – here comes the awwww moment – who hasn’t stopped talking about it for a month now already. So the pressure is ON.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with your last year blues/future life planning:

– Start studying and organizing your notes from the first week of term

– That way you can allow yourself to enjoy your last weekends as a student

– I mean it when I say – ENJOY it!

– Networking sometimes sounds like hard-work that mainly concerns people with good speaking-skills, WRONG. Try and fish out fellow comrades who have similar interests to yours. Who knows, maybe in 8 years time you’ll find yourself working with them

– Plan ahead and list all the possible internships you are interested in and the procedures you will have to undertake to apply

– Settle a calender for your summer, to lay out the dates during which you will be free to kick start your career

– Write up your cover letters, and never in a rush. Sometimes you will find yourself having to write up a cover letter in less than 24 hours – I advise you to stay away from this scenario

– Once you get your official invitation for graduation, don’t panic.


‘This is it. I am an old woman.’ Those were literally my first thoughts, which is quite sad when I come to think of it now. Because graduation does indeed mean the end of my crazy student years, but it also means I am ready to get into the real world. Plus you never know, maybe I’ll miss it so much i’ll try and get into another masters degree or even start a thesis. Anyway, all options are out on display, and Cardiff University with it’s prestigious status, will definitely provide me now with a brilliant head start to my career. Once a graduate, you can aim to be whatever you want to be, and only you can set your goals to try and not only make yourself a better person, but also make this whole world a better place. So try and premeditate on these options, ambitions and goals so as not to get too overwhelmed by the ceremony itself.

On a more practical note,  Cardiff University’s website has all the information you’ll need for your big event, so put them into good use! Try and get as best informed as you can a couple of months before, so that no unpleasant surprises come up – some former graduates have even shared on the website their experiences which is extremely useful for all you anxious people like me. Where the ceremony will be held, how many invites can you have, seating requirements, renting out the gown, are just a few of the various details you will have to organize. Take things easy, write and plan everything out, and hopefully it’ll be one of the biggest events of your life! For more information, here are a few links provided by Cardiff uni to help you out:

Main information page –

Information on renting or buying gowns –

Information on tickets –

If you are wondering where you could stay –


If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate on commenting guys, I am here to share with you my experiences!

Take care!



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