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Keep Calm and Run

Hello all my beautiful students and students-to-be !


First of all, Happy New Year!!!! How has this first month of the year been for you all? I restrained myself from writing to you the 2nd of January to ask the usual “what are your resolutions for this coming year?”. We are always so ambitious and excited at first, but by the second week of the month let’s face it…. half of our resolutions are long gone hahaha. So what i’d like to ask is how are they going, which ones have you held on to, what are you really determined on achieving?


For probably the 3rd year in a row now, I took the most drastic of resolutions… As ever though, when you overwhelm yourself with too many goals , they all become unattainable. One resolution has been sticking with me though, and believe it or not, it’s running!

I’ve been running regularly twice a week since October, and my New Year’s resolution was to turn that number into three times a week and an increase of distance. Now I know everyone talks about running as being a very healthy and beneficial thing, that this isn’t at all news. Trust me though, if I (a true stereotypical 21 year old lazy student) have managed to get into the habit of running, I am sure you can as well!

A professor had told me a couple of years back, that when i’d find myself overwhelmed with studying and reading.. I should just get up and go for a quick run, because nothing would be more energizing and refreshing than a run! At the time, my first thought was obviously, “are you crazy??” but restraining myself from seeming too surprised, I nodded politely. For months and months and months, that phrase seemed to be stuck in the back of my head. Although I didn’t just get up and start running straight away, I started opening up to the idea of it and started researching little by little about it. So here are a few simple facts towards why running could be useful for your student years:

1. You get to EAT MORE! I swear this is the best one, of course I don’t mean eat loads more, I mean that you can eat a good amount of carbs and not feel tooooo bad about it

2. You can do it anywhere (will share after this list why Cardiff is a friendly city for runners), so say bye-bye to costly gym memberships

3. It will boost your memory! It has been proven that regular running can sharpen up that student haze of a memory

4. You get to live longer wouhou!

5. Give yourself an energy boost. I assure you that this is no joke, it diminishes the sluggish feel of laziness

6. Did you know it also encourages higher quality sleep? We tend to have less and less time to sleep, but this is a lovely way to make those few hours count!

7. Get that heart stronger! Running for just an hour a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by almost half compared to non-runners

8. Run your stress away! Not only does running boost the brain’s serotonin levels, regular exercise might actually remodel the brain, making it calmer and more stress resistant

9. You get to look fit… because let’s face it, everyone wants to be fit. Putting aside the waste line, a balanced and healthy body is the way to go guys!

10. You get to go outside and see what’s around your little bubble of a life! I realized last year that I could spend up to two months without going anywhere outside of my house-library-café-pub bubble, but there is so much more to see in Cardiff! Which leads me to my next point….


Cardiff – not only a beautiful city, but also a  very friendly one for runners!  With Bute Park and Roath Park being so close to most student residence locations, it is so hard to not see the point in getting into the habit of running! Cardiff really does have a beautiful selection of parks and areas of purely splendid views, and Cardiff Bay isn’t actually that far guys… So instead of giving you yet another list in this article, let me just provide you with a website that has broken down all the running tracks you can imagine in and around Cardiff:



Now enjoy, and once you get into the habit of running, life will seem just a little less exhausting. Good luck for the second month of the year guys! Don’t hesitate to comment with any questions

Take care and lots of love.



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