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Good-bye beer belly, hello turkey!

Hello all you wonderful people!


IT’S THAT WEEKEND AGAIN. It is insane how many people can travel across the globe at the same time. I am writing to you all now from Rome’s one and only Fiumicino Airport where i’ve literally and quite randomly spent my whole day (oh don’t we love christmas time flight cancelations!). Which reminds me, I am thinking of writting up a post with pictures of all the places I end up converting into a study desk… tell me what you guys think (and maybe share with me some of yours in comments bellow? :D).


What is even more insane though is the amount of food one can eat during this beautiful month of December! So let me first of  all wish every single one of you a fantastic holiday, a merry christmas (or other religious celebration) and above all A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Man time flies doesn’t it… you’ll see how scary things can get when you reach final year and for at least a split moment realise that you have absolutely no idea what you want to do with your life. But let’s just put that aside for now.


Nothing can be compared to what a student may feel at the end of a term. Total freedom. Never-mind the fact that exams are just around the corner, one must always take care of one’s self. So make sure to give yourself and your brain a little bit of space. Now, I hope this term wasn’t too stressful… but I think we could all agree that uni will always provide us with just the right amount of freak-out doses. But always remember: everything is eventually doable. Somethings just need a little bit more time and effort. So if this term has left you with the feeling of being overwhelmed: don’t worry, and don’t let it take over your mind.


Starting uni is never easy… new home, new streets, new professors, new assignments, new goals, and a brand new relationship between you and yourself, making everything seem to add up into a blur. Like in every one of my articles, I’d really like to ask you to: take it easy and take things one by one.


On another note though in this holiday spirited message: use these holidays as a rough draft as well of your soon to be personalised study plan . What works for me for example, always depends on how intense my days are which is probably the same for everyone. And so during holidays working 1 to 2 hours a day has always had quite a lovely effect on my general well-being. It’s actually not a lot in terms of time , and trust me when I tell you that it is incredibly helpful. Set yourself goals, ideas, question marks and get into your work! Don’t limit yourself to just swallowing up your notes (or someone else’s muaha), but get creative! My route to inspiration when I study are clouds!! Hahahaha okay that sounds too random: I write key words/phrases and put them in fluffy clouds that I connect together to make the web of connections more clear and logical. Find what gets you going and use them well.


Cardiff is a very easy going and friendly university, and i’ve always felt that the workload was always always  doable. At least, in comparison to here in Bordeaux. I mean fair enough, we are in 4th year (which is here the equivalent to a 1st year masters), but this week alone I had  two assignments to hand in and 2  quite important 20min presentations (one being in economics and finance… what, wait… AMN’T I A POLITICS STUDENT??). I mean, thats harrdcore haha. The french always know how to pressure us students, so please thrive and enjoy the warm aura of Cardiff University and all the people that come with it!


I will post to you again soon about a little adventure i’ve had recently in Bordeaux: i’ve been accepted into a very interesting program that selects a certain amount of business executives to sponsor a certain number of  non-french master’s students. The aim is  to promote Bordeaux as a booming city evidently, but it has given me a few tiny ideas here and there that i’d like to share with all you.


Have a fantastic weekend going home, safe travels and lots of love!


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