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To placement, or not to placement?

So I know UCAS time will have passed for many of you but some may still be making decisions about whether or not to go to uni. If you’ve got the option to do a placement year maybe you’re mulling it over…

I’m here to give you some reasons why YES – you definitely should! I was never intending to do a placement but now I wish I had planned it all along.


1. Learn what you enjoy

I know I like my subject, but would I enjoy a job in it?

I don’t know whether the career path I’m thinking of is the right one…

Do I prefer working in an office or out ‘in the field’?

These are the kinds of questions that a placement can answer for you. It’s a one year taster instead of graduating and stepping into a long term commitment to a job that you might not even enjoy. Talking of graduating…


2. Three Es – Employability, employability, employability! 

As a university, Cardiff is really good on the employability kinda thing with schemes like the Cardiff Award and loads of chances to get experience, but a placement is one way to make sure your CV doesn’t look empty on graduation. You’ll have loads of experiences to talk about from your placement and will learn a lot about working in a real environment which employers will appreciate.


3. It’s a worthwhile study break

At the end of second year I was pretty exhausted, and thinking about it, since I came to uni straight from school, I had been doing important exams for 6 years (since GCSE). Maybe it was just time for a little break…

Its been really nice to just have some time to regroup before what is arguably the most important year yet! Studying for so long can be exhausting and working for a year while everyone is struggling through exams is ever so slightly satisfying… 😉


4. Monies

If you get on a paid placement it’s an amazing chance to live as not a student for a year – woo! Personally I’m thinking of doing a masters so quite a lot of what I’m earning will be going into my savings – better than trying to save from a student loan…



Basically, a placement is a good idea. If you have the opportunity to do it then you should consider it – obviously it might not suit everyone but I think it’s a great opportunity 🙂





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