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Rainy Movember

Hello all you wonderful people!

Sending you all lots of love from sunny Bordeaux…

I hope you are, or will be, enjoying a real movember’s month, Cardiff style! Before arriving to uni, I only had a faint idea of what movember consisted of. However, what I saw in Cardiff just literally… wowed me. So many mustaches!!!! And let me tell you, some guys actually don’t look too bad with it, maybe they did have a point back in the 17th century…

So lads, don’t be party-poopers! Join in the crowd! I am not telling you to be sheep followers your whole life, but this is a fun way to socialize and feel part of something at the beginning of your university life. It could make someone smile in the hallway, or be a great conversation starter at a social.. hey, why not ask your crush to touch it! Hahaha, okay I guess I should stop there, that’s a bit too weird. Anyways, it’s always good to loosen up and have a laugh or two around something so silly, but with a great cause behind it! I hope you all know why there is such a thing anyways…

Movember (a portmanteau from the Australian-English diminutive word for “moustache”, “mo”, and “November”) is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancers, and associated charities.”

Let’s see some male solidarity! Aside from this great cause, it also comes at a great time. November for all students is that time of the year (lets face it) where you suddenly realize how much work you REALLY should be doing. I am aware of all the advice I gave you in my previous articles, but I am even more aware that… they were probably taken lightly. Which is normal for first years, life gets soooo much funn! But now it’s time for you to get your motivational drinks out (as in tea or energy drinks, no alcohol obviously!) and, of course, your readings.

It would really help boost up your moral if you try and get some things done on time, like readings. I know they may seem sooo boring and tortuous, but trust me they are a great way to actually have an idea of what is going on in class, and in your subconscious this is a win. So I dare you to go find your spot, you know, that one place where you finally manage to access your full inspiration and concentration levels AT THE SAME TIME, and go for it! I know some insame playlists on 8tracks or soundcloud if you guys need a bit more of a push. Please don’t hesitate on commenting bellow all about your spot, or if you want some crazy tunes.


All the best my lovelies


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