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Calling on all birthday girls and birthday boys!

Hello beautiful people!

What a month hey? But we’ve made it. So I hope you are going to spend a fantastic Saturday evening now, whether you are watching the epic Madrid/Barcelona football game in a pub; devouring a well earned restaurant meal; getting ready to party or just sipping tea with a blanket like me!

Start of term can be very overwhelming, so please keep in mind that we’ve all felt it and that it will only get better. Although the nostalgia of home and mum’s amazing food will never fade out of your life, there will always be occasions to spoil one’s self! Out of all the days, your birthday should be on top of the list of days to just… chill out. I’ve just enjoyed mine for…  5 days straight haha so i’m quite greedy, but it’s made me want to share a few ideas with you.


About 90% of  freshers will probably be celebrating their birthdays in a completely new environment, away from family-friends-loved ones for the first time this year, and some timess.. it just isn’t easy. I am aware that there are some people who particularly hate celebrating birthdays… but come onnnnnn don’t miss a chance to kick back and relax while thinking about the year you’ve just had, and the year to come! So just enjoy an insanely good cake or any kind of deserty substance…and, if your not a sweet tooth, a bucket of chicken wings would do.

With this new life making way, there will be many things to be done on your special day. However, what is essential is your well-being and happiness. Take the chance of making yourself happy. If you neglect yourself, it will only come back to bite you. So eat your favorite food, and do what you would enjoy doing and NOT what people expect of you. Sure, partying and crazyness will eventually happen. But take it as a new turn in your relationship with your own self .


As for me, i’ve just recieved my first few grades, and well… this year seems to be the most  challenging one yet! Fourth year in the Cardiff-Bordeaux programme means spending it as a Masters student at Sciences Po Bordeaux which is fascinating, but quite hard! Although I am actually not very sure anymore of the masters i’m chosen, it is still an amazing experience. Masters can allow you to redefine and specialise your degree, and it usually paves your way towards a future job, so always be super ultra focused when choosing one! In my current confusion-slash-freak-out momennt, i’ve had the privilege to be able to discuss face to face with some of the teachers i’ve had over the years. It has been incredibly helpful, and Cardiff University has a very accessible teaching staff with whom students can have genuine conversations and meetings with. Specially in the Politics department!

Therefore before leaving youu tonight: I warmly advise you to create strong relationships with teachers in a respectful and professional manner, in order to help you all through your academic years!


Speak to you guys soon, and have a lovely weekend and reading week!


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