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Bills, bills, bills

The arrival of post is always exciting. I hardly ever got post at home, and since a lot of communication is now via e-mail or text, post is a rare occurrence. Or, at least it was, until I started renting a house.

Now, we get lots of post. We get bills. As a house. Every month. And letters addressed ‘To the Occupier’ (those ones are boring. I don’t like those ones.) We decided as a house, that it would be easier to split our bills between us, so that one person each has responsibility for a particular bill and then everyone else will give them the money when the bill comes through. I am responsible for internet. Bubs and Sparkles for gas and electricity. Angry for water. We have two other housemates, Sneezy and Dippy, who are happy just to give money at the appropriate times. We got our first bill for electricity and gas the other day, which was kind of a surprise (it was to me, anyway). I had forgotten that as adults living (and renting) a house, we would need to pay for the electricity and gas that we use. And the internet. And the water. I didn’t know, but here in Cardiff, one pays for the water once a year, in March. Since we didn’t live here then, the previous owners paid for a year, then get refunded when they moved out. This means that we then got a bill from September-March, and we’ll get another one then, which we will have to pay, and we will get refunded for the water we haven’t used when we move out in June.
Gas and electricity are paid monthly. As someone who has never paid any sort of bills (it was all included in the rent for first year) I have no idea what is or isn’t a reasonable amount to pay. After consultation with parents, we’re still not 100% sure.

Internet involved booking and then installing a modem (a process which I have, again, never done before, and was slightly terrifying) and then waiting for the bill. Which apparently doesn’t start ’til 6 weeks after the modem is installed. Still slightly confused about that..

Anyway, post is exciting. Bills are not. I hope other people are slightly more informed about bills than I was when I started paying them.

Also, 6 people use a lot more toilet roll than 1 person does. And we’re almost out. Dang.

(As an extra note, my housemates have requested code names for this blog, just for funsies. So that’s why my housemates have such bizarre names. Angry would also like to point out that she is not angry in a bad way, just happy angry.)


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