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Hey guys!


IT’S PARTY TIME SOON, more seriously though University is about to start and you need to make positivism and motivation your best friends. It is always a bit difficult to get back to serious stuff like taking notes in class and reading after a long summer, especially when you’ve just finished high school! Trust me though, you’d want to make a habit of being focused and aware of what’s going on.


Before I blab on more about focus and studying, I would like you all to pay particularly attention to Fresher’s week, because it is simply awesome. A week full of parties, society fairs, second-hand fairs, tours, talks… is a perfect way to start off you year! It will provide you the perfect scenarios to blend into the crowd and meet new fantastic people (and even possibly make new friends?? Yay), and also settle in and get used to the environment you are now part of: beautiful Cardiff. This is my second year here in France in Science Po, and guys you are seriously lucky with what Cardiff University provides you. I know it’s an English thing, and that all University’s in the UK have something of the like of “Fresher’s week”, but that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted! Here in France what could be compared to it is a small organised weekend trip (of literally one night of partying and two days of lazing around) that usually costs way more than it is worth. Of course it’s still awesome fun and a great way to get to know people, but nothing beats what you’ll be having in a few weeks time! So don’t chicken out, wristbands are already available on the Student Union’s website to buy at a GREAT price. Here’s a link to it just to make it even easier for you to be peer pressured right now:


Now with all the partying and alcohol going on, I’m going to be a complete mama bear and say: please take care guys! Make sure you don’t let things get too out of hand and that your physical-self is safe, your belongings at hand, and worst case scenario if you feel way too out-of-it, find yourself a good looking chap who lives in your dorm and that doesn’t give off any creepy vibes and head home with some chips and a good bottle of water to scare off the bad hangover monster.


So make sure you make the first week a hell of an experience. Try and keep up with the academic side of things and don’t lose of your timetable. Make sure you go to all your lectures (even if you may fall asleep sometimes at the back of the lecture theatre) and sign up for all your seminars accordingly. Making sure you do all these things from the beginning will help you throughout the year in being a serious yet completely party-crazy student!

I wish you all the BEST of luck! Cannot wait to hear all about Fresher’s (gosh I feel old now that I’m a fourth year), please feel free to comment anything funny or interesting that has happened to you or a friend. TAKE CARE you lovely people!



P.S. So sorry I am only writing to you about it today! But it IS day 1, so enjoy!!!!


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