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10 things I learnt in my Freshers Year

1)Congrats! You’ve chose to study at Cardiff University.. the best city to live in the UK! And no, i’m not a biased Cardiff University student, its actually proven- Cardiff came top ! Wooo! ( And if you don’t believe me .. Google it 🙂 ).

2) You’ll have so many different groups of friends its great. Flatmates, Course mates, Society mates, and new friends you meet out socialising!

3) From now on you’ll have two places which you will call home. Your actual home, and your home at university. Its weird to think also, when you’re actually home, you’ll miss your Cardiff home, and when you’re at Cardiff, you’ll miss your actual home.

4)Not putting a downer on things here, and I know you haven’t moved in yet, but if you think you’re going to leave at the end of your first year with everything you brought with you in September, think again… Ha! Things will break, get lost, or just weirdly disappear.. But that’s life, and we have to deal with it!

5) You can do whatever you want -living independently is great! As long as you turn up to lectures, and behave in your accommodation, nobody much else will question you! You can do what you want and go where you want – enjoy the freedom (:

6) You’ve been looking forward to moving day ever since you found out that you got a place at Cardiff, and after you arrive unpack, and maybe head out for one final supper in Cardiff.. it will be time for goodbyes. Now however tough you are, when your parents/siblings/etc leave you in your little room in your accommodation, my guess is that your mother will shed a tear, maybe your father too, and you too.. or maybe  you wont. However when they finally leave, you can’t help but feel a little tinge of sadness. Think about it.. you’ve lived at home for 18 years, and all of a sudden they’re leaving you in the big city by yourself.. – (Words of Mother Milcoy there..) So this is just a pre-warning of what might happen .. or might not!

7)Living in halls is a great experience. However, think back to the Open Day when you visited accommodation, and saw where you’ve hopefully secured a place to live in for the next year. Your room at halls is quite small in comparison to most teenage bedroom, so next week while packing, pick and choose what you need to bring! (I’m only saying this because I had so much stuff in my little room.. too much in fact, and it took me so many trips up and down those stairs when i moved out in June!)

8)Checking your bank account after receiving your student loan is a GREAT feeling. A huge sum of money just sat there in your bank account.. you feel like you could shop until you drop .. and shop some more, and go out and party .. etc. However, budgeting is key! Think of it, you really don’t want be skint in December, eating beans on toast for the final two weeks of term..

9) What happens in Uni, stays in Uni! Its up to you whether you want to stick to this or not though!  As many older generations have told me – University are some of the best years of our lives. So we might as well enjoy (:

10)Remember you didn’t work hard in school, to take a different attitude in university. Get the balance of work/socialising etc right, and you’ll be  just fine! Try and finish pieces of work before heading off on a night out, and it will make you feel 100% better, knowing you won’t have to get up the morning after to finish that essay 😉


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