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Video Blog – Toby talks What to take to Uni

I can’t believe summer is almost over. I mean, where’s it gone? It only feels like yesterday I was walking home from the last night out of the year and contemplating how much I was going to miss everyone, and now suddenly it’s only just over a week until I’ll see them again.

A new academic year brings with it, of course, a whole new batch of Freshers packing in preparation for moving into University accommodation for the first time. With this in mind, what things should you make absolutely sure are on your “must take” list?

Just in case I lost you, here’s a summary:

  • Wok, because you can stir fry anything
  • Kettle, toaster, and iron if you don’t mind being the flat savior and allowing everyone to use them
  • Cutlery, because you’ll obviously need to eat without looking like you’re from the dark ages. Just prepare yourself for the inevitable sense of loss you’ll feel at the end of the year
  • Headphones, because nobody wants to know you’re watching reruns of Friends at ridiculous o’clock
  • Chocolate! Not just for you but for the whole flat, because nothing says “please make friends with me” better than a box of sugar

And here’s a few more that didn’t make the film because they weren’t exciting enough, but worth seriously considering all the same:

  • Blu tack, because how else are you going to decorate your walls?
  • Posters, because, well, see above
  • The receipt for your Official Cardiff Students Union Freshers wristband. You’ll need it for when you pick yours up!
  • Ear plugs, if you’re really worried about not being able to sleep (personally, never a problem)

So, I hope that’s provided you with a few hints in regards to what to pack along with your essentials. It should be no surprise that if you forget to pack things like clothes, saucepans, and bedding then you’re in more trouble that I can help you with.

Best of luck with moving in, and I’ll see you in the capital!



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