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So you’ve done it.. Passed your exams and come September you’ll be heading down to Cardiff with a car loaded to the top with possessions. EXCITINGGG!!!

I’ve got to admit, it was pretty exciting scrolling through Facebook this morning looking at all of the screenshots of UCAS confirmations and seeing statuses with everybody’s different exam grades! Well that’s all I can say is what a relief results day is, whether its good or bad news, the wait is finally over and you finally get to know how your exams actually went.  A bit of a throwback here… but I remember when it was my results day.. I was in work, with other friends who were also getting results, and I remember trying to put off opening my results for ages, until my best friend opened hers, telling her that she’d get a place at Cardiff Met, I couldn’t put it off any longer. Despite the slow 3G at the show ground I was so ecstatic to find out I’d got a place at Cardiff.. it was one of the best days I’ve had!

So now that you’ve finally stopped jumping about, texting every family member and friend possible, and have finally stopped scrolling through Facebook and checking your notifications.. the fun really begins now! Its Uni Shopping time.. But before you panic, thinking what do I need, and what you should probably leave at home.. here’s a little shopping list I’ve created to help you out..

TIP NUMBER ONE-* Now that you’ve found out you’re actually going to Cardiff.. join the freshers pages, and try and look for you’re flat mates (I can’t 100% remember when you find out your exact halls and rooms..) however when you do find out your room, its a great idea to get a flat group chat.. this will be good for getting to know your flatmates a bit better before you arrive at Cardiff .. but also it will give you a chance to possibly sort out who’s bringing what.. because trust me you don’t want 5 Kettle’s, 5 Toasters.. etc..

Freshers Shopping List..

Now before you read this and absolutely freak out.. you might not need everything I list.. plus this isn’t anything official, this is just a list from me- has-been Fresher :'(

Despite the obvious stuff such as clothes and files for lectures here’s what maybe you haven’t considered taking..

  • Bed Sheets, Duvet + Cover, Matters Cover + Fitted Sheet. x2. – Amazing how a funky duvet cover can make your room look much more bright 🙂
  • Lamp. ( I also took my own little bed side cabinet so I could put my lamp on.. and I had one on my desk too.. )
  • Your own Rug/Mat- it just makes the place a little more homely.
  • Decorations.. (Now I’m not encouraging this.. but I’m sure that I had to many decorations in my room.) These include a nice wrapping paper to put on your notice board, pictures of family/friends, pins, bunting, a wall planner, and anything else you can hang you might want to take with you!
  • Posters- again it means you can put your own stamp on your room.
  • Cushions, and Pillows ( 2/3)-  Great for when you’ve had a long day and you just want to lounge on your bed.
  • Pop Up Laundry Basket- fits under your desk.. or where ever and you forget about it until you’ve ran out of clothes and its full to the top.
  • Over the Door Hooks- Great for hanging all of your Coats, Jackets etc..
  • Filing Trays.. bit confusing to explain.. basically plastic trays that stack above each other.. great for keeping files, notes and random pieces of paper..
  • Extension Cable.. chances are you’ll needed it.. if not send it back with your parents!

That’s pretty much it I think? However you might not need that much.. and maybe I just went a bit over the top.

Kitchen –

TIP  2 🙂 – I suggest only taking one.. maximum 2 of everything..(ok maybe you can take a set of cutlery and maybe three cups.. but the more stuff you take .. the chances are, that you’ll use them up, leave them in the sink, and when it comes to using it again you’ll just use the spare i.e. Saucepan you brought, instead of the one in the sink with yesterday’s soup on!)

TIP 3- Linking back to Tip 1- again talk to your flat mates as to what your bringing.. you don’t again need 5 graters, 5 can openers, etc..

  • 2 Saucepans (1 Big, 1 Small)
  • 2 Big Plates 2 Small
  • Cutlery..
  • Frying Pan
  • Mugs
  • Cups
  • Utensils- Knives, Plastic Spoons, Wooden Spoon, etc..
  • Storage Boxes- its a good idea to make a big meal and make enough for 2 days.. saves cooking for one day. 🙂
  • Maybe a Chopping Board, Sieve.. etc. (It all depends on how much of a chef you’re planning to be)


The Extras..

  • Alcohol.
  • Hangover Food.. to survive freshers week..  Plus maybe a few cakes or something.. great to sit around the kitchen table and get you know your new flatmates.
  • Proper food for in between.. (Fruit etc..)
  • Medicine (no you wont get ill that fast… but its better to be prepared.. and paracetamol to help with the hangover headaches hahaha.)

Oh Yeah..

  • A School Bag, Pencil Case, Laptop, Notes Books, Pens, and your Brain in First Gear, and you’ll be sorted for Lectures! But you knew this anyway.. I’m just reminding you(:

FINAL TIP- ENJOYYYY! I’ve been told, that this is THE BEST YEAR you’ll have at Uni. Have a laugh, go out, meet new people, and go to Lectures..


Hopefully i’ll see you about.. feel free to say Hi 🙂

Here’s a photo of my old room at Senghennydd Court.. slightly messy.. but Hey!


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