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My university and me

A level results day didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped, I didn’t get the grades for the course I wanted to do at university and I remember feeling as though all my future plans were ruined. I cried, a lot, I made a number of desperate phone calls attempting to negotiate, I think I even begged at one point. Luckily, I got a place to study at Cardiff.

After graduating with a 2:1 in European Politics and International Relations from Cardiff University two years ago, I’m now about to begin my second degree at Cardiff; a Broadcast Journalism MA and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

The step-up to University from school can be a daunting one and moving away from home for the first time was certainly nerve-wracking, I had little to worry about though, there’s so much to get involved with and I was soon swept up by the buzz on campus that makes Fresher’s Fortnight so exciting.

There was a diverse range of modules to choose from on my course and I was able to make my selection taking assessment methods into account; I always prefer coursework to exams! There was also the ability to take a couple of modules from another subject, which was an unexpected bonus. I chose modules in journalism and absolutely loved them. I didn’t realise it at the time but it was then that the seeds were sown for my future choice in a Master’s degree.

One of the biggest factors contributing to my positive experience at Cardiff University was the Students’ Union. I tried a whole host of sports clubs and societies.  I even joined the custard wrestling society – though never got round to actually attending a ‘wrestle’. I eventually committed to the rowing club and Xpress Radio (the student radio station). It’s often said, but the friends I made through both of these are friends I’ll have for life. I also attended my first political demo, was published in the student paper and had some of the best nights out, all because of the Students’ Union.

The Union shaped so much of my time at University that I decided to stand for election to be one of the officers who run it.  I was successfully elected Vice President for Sports in 2012 and the following year was elected President of the Union.  I’m really proud that Cardiff Students’ Union has just been voted in the top ten of the best Students Unions in the UK.

I’m now entering my sixth year at Cardiff University and am grateful for all the opportunities my time here has granted me. I’m slowly beginning to accept this will be my final year, although there’s always a PhD, right?


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