Only in Cardiff

Diddle-daddle, dilly-dally and dawdle

Hello beautiful people!


Summer is approaching, and the sun is starting  to wake up from it’s long hibernation! I hope you all have wonderful plans to look forward too and that exams have or are still going well. Keep  it up 😀


I personally haven’t really started, can you imagine? I’ve had an insane amount of time to procrastinate, hence my awesome title. I’ve come across these synonyms for the first time ever the other week (while dawdling) and I’m absolutely in love with them. So let me share with you some of my adventures hehe!


Where to start? Nothing better than the exact present moment, which now that I come to think of it is probably the most random one of all: chilling with some Chinese take out with the  lads while struggling to understand the fun in watching the boxing match Froch VS Groves II. This is incredibly girlie of me I know… anyways, spring rolls can always make things   feel so much better and enjoyable!

Also, I don’t know if you were aware of how close Bath is to Cardiff? Only an hour away by train, so obviously I decided the other day to go just for a day with an open return which only costed 18 quid! So hint hint, when you come to Cardiff that’s one of the fun things to dooo! It is beautiful over there, like Oxford it feels somehow more of a museum that a city, amazing!

The other weekend a friend visited from London as well, and we went for a lovely walk around Cardiff and I actually ended up crying because I realised how much I’m going to miss good old Cardiff. During her stay we decided to randomly take a train and get off someewhere random: we ended up in Swansea, then Mumbles, then a beautiful forest a car rride away and a beach. Unfortunately I cannot really remember names hahaha… but what”s awesome is the cray amount of things you can do thats only an hour away from uni’..

ABOVE ALL though.. is when the sun came out the other week, now that was full of the best dilly dally  moments YET. Which consisted of doing nothing aside laying down anyways outdoors that is in direct contact with the sun. I think all of Cardiff feels the same because as soon as the sun pops out, you can barely see grass in the parks, rather loads of slightly tipsy and happily dazed students!

Finally, the Career’s office organises a lot of workshops,events, talks and fairs with lots of  cool information and help. I know that in first year it’s really not of interest to you, but from second I really recommend going to these! They  really are made for preparing you for your future, it’s scary and but exciting!



Well I really should go and sleep now, I’m supposed to be going to the library in the morning! Speak to you guys very soooon!!

Lots of love.


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