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Pembrokeshire my love

Hello all you beautiful people!


How are you all? Even though this is supposed to be the most sleepless and stressful time of the year for all students, you cannot imagine how happy I am right now. Happy isn’t even the right word, my brain has just sunk into the peaceful effortless place where I wouldn’t be able to express anything academically even if my life depended on it. Sleeping, eating, walking, even the raindrops on my face all feel blissful moment. Why you may ask… why… On May the 2nd, I handed in  my third year dissertation people!! WOOP WOOP #happiestdaysever. All in all, it came down to 36 pages of hard work and many many sleepless night. Before writing to you about all the lame details of my research, I wanted to share with you in this article what I did to celebrate this once-in-a-life-time-event.

Now unlike what you probably first thought (which should be along the lines of Partayyyy timeeeeee), me and my friends decided to do something special. It is sadly my last year in Cardiff as I will be spending my fourth (and last) year in Bordeaux. With a sinking feeling of nostalgia, I felt overwhelmed by the fact that I actually hadn’t seen much of Wales at all. How ridiculous, I thought! Although I am an extremely lazy and unfit person, it was the moment to grasp to opportunities in living in Cardiff.


We set off towards West Wales, heading towards beautiful Pembrokeshire National Park! And let me tell you, I was stunned and disappointed at the same time. Stunned by how much nature has to offer in Wales and all of the beauty that surrounds it, disappointed in  myself for not having done this years ago. Seeing the little time we had and of our inexperience in hiking (hahaha, well particularly myself) we hadn’t gone to the highest points of seen even a third of what was to see, I still cannot describe to you my happiness and inner peace while walking for miles and miles in Welsh splendour. So what we did you was have lovely walks on the Coastal path by Newport Pembrokeshire, around Newport sands, up Carn Ffoi and Carn Ingli. Sheeps, wild horses and cows were scattered along the paths which was scary at first, but incredibly alluring I couldn’t help myself but try and approach one of the horses, unsuccessfully of course haha. I am planning another trip soon before exam time so I will keep you updated on that!


This trip truly inspired me and made me miss Wales ever more, even before leaving! So all you future students of Cardiff Uni’, even if you think you wouldn’t be able to walk for hours or think that the wilderness isn’t made for you, I recomend that you still do it, no excuses haha!

Here are some random pictures of my adventurous trip, hope they will inspire you to get out into the wild!!

All the best, take care xx


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