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It has been a week from hell for me at university… on monday night by whole computer crashed, and I said RIP to weeks and weeks of coursework, a ton of blogging photos I’d subsequently deleted from my SLR camera, and a perfectly ordered iTunes…


On Monday I went off to my spin class at PureGym (bargain for students by the way!) and came back to find that my whole Macbook had crashed, putting it into recovery mode, and not even being able to find my backup disk. Obviously, I was sobbing and cursing and throwing myself about the place like a stroppy toddler, but at that point I was more doing it for dramatic effect as I knew a Genius at the Apple bar would be able to fix it.

How wrong was I!

The next day I was waiting outside the Apple store in the St. David’s Centre at 9.15am, laptop and external hard drive in hand ready to get all my treasured coursework back. Four hours later I left the Apple shop… with a brand new hard drive… and not a single document on it. That’s right, I lost everything. 

I didn’t really know how to feel when the poor tech guy came out from the workshop in the back to tell me there was absolutely nothing he could do. First I cried… then I frantically emailed my personal tutor and lecturers to let them know, after all, I had a bit of coursework due in the next day and had lost it.

I know, I know, I should have backed it all up onto my external hard drive – but I’d already done so on my Time Machine thing on my laptop, and even that had gone!! My lecturers and PT were so, so supportive – they offered me a few more days to hand in my coursework, but luckily for me, I did remember most of it, and a very late night meant I handed it in on time (I don’t know how I did that either!). However, the thing I was most gutted about was my Social Media Trends project I’d lost. For the past few months I’d been designing an app with my project partner Lewis, that allowed you to input all the stuff you had left in your fridge and cupboards and it generated a recipe. This was painstakingly hard and involved hours on Photoshop, yep, all gone.

But Naomi my lecturer was again, incredibly supportive of what happened, and ensured that I was back on track, gave me time to “recover”, and let me know that ‘it wasn’t the end of the world.’

She’s right though, it actually gave me the chance to look at my project from a completely new perspective, and now I’ve started building it again with a completely fresh outlook!


Rule 2: Don’t cry in the Apple store, you scare them…

Rule 3: Get a good warranty on your laptop, because thankfully mine was, otherwise I would have been paying a hell of a lot of money to lose all my work!

Next time!


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