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Hey guys!

This is the first time I’m writing to you all, and I have to say… I’m kind of excited, yet freaked out at the same time. Sort of like when you go on a first date with a person you barely know, and I’m not talking about what people call ‘butterflies’, oh no, I’m talking about huge elephants stomping my insides. Yes I do tend to exaggerate things, but only just a tiny bit. Honestly though, I’m super happy to be sharing with you my random thoughts and experiences! I also hope it’ll come in handy at some point in your own awesome  university life!

So, I’m a third year, studying politics, living in Cathays, under the same roof as 5 other fellow students. Typical you might say. YET life as a student is anything but typical or routine-like, and no matter how hard you’ll try you will always end up having so many surprises showing up on your doorstep, both good and bad. Like the other day, a Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream truck was giving out FREE (yes, totally free) ice-cream. BEST DAY EVER! Not to mention it was right after receiving a well-earned smashing grade (two sleepless nights, Red Bull, popcorn and several Indian Take-outs and it was done – victory dance).

Back to youuu. I hope that wherever you are in life right now, that things are going well blablabla and that I will be seeing you soon in Cardiffff!! Seriously though, if you are applying for University right now, or waiting for results, or just thinking randomly on tackling more academic studies, well I wish you the best of luck!! Because how I remember it, I was seriously freaking out when I was applying for University. So my advice (other than of course, #applyToCardiffBecauseItIsAwesomeHere) would be to not panic, and truly believe that you will always get what you want and deserve. No matter how cheesy this sounds, I mean it, all you need is to believe! No one at my high school (and that’s even including the teachers –Ouchy, I know-) believed I would get to where I am today.

Now, you are probably wondering what my title means. I even wonder if you have already tried to Google translate it… haha. Either way, I shall now put an end to your curious pondering. It is quite a funny word, that apparently means ‘of the day before yesterday’. The reason why I put it up there is because I’ve challenged myself to always learn a new word everyday, and I happened to stumble on nudiustertian while writing this article, and it made me wonder. Don’t all of our brightest ideas, come from deeper thoughts made in the past, and have been thought of the day before yesterday or the day before that?

Speaking of the day before yesterday, here’s another random thought: one of the first things that fascinated me in Cardiff was how intimate it all is. Everything is so comfortably close – from the distance between the university and the city centre, to the rows of student accommodation, housings, local pubs and supermarkets all cuddled up side by side,  keeping each other warm during the cold winter nights. What’s also great about this scenario is that it groups together all kinds of different people, from all across the world! Although living with roommates can sometimes be tough, I’ve come to the conclusion that it really does teach you a lot on life. So just keep calm and always keep smiling! The bright-side is that, you will never find yourself lonely. University life is an exceptionally exciting life experience, and it doesn’t just develop you intellectually and academically speaking, it also develops you on a more personal level. It all sounds so exciting, yet scary at the same time, I know!

Anyways, what I really wanted to say in this (now super long) post is how much I am looking forward to helping you guys out with my How-to-live-through-student-life-guide-without-turning-into-a-unicorn, stay tuned and don’t hesitate on commenting and sharing with me your ideas and things you’d like me to talk about!

Take care all you beautiful people!!


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