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Inspiring the inspired

Every so often, I’m inspired and I find that if you’re inspired enough, that soon you don’t need to be inspired as often. Does that make sense? No, probably not.


Right back at the start of summer I started following “Fitness Motivation” on twitter and all the tweets of perfectly tanned and toned abs got me lusting after that perfect summer body! Summer is well and truly here and I certainly don’t look like the people in the picture but as I started going to the gym and fitness classes I became inspired by the other people, the instructors and the fact that it was becoming easier. So much so, that every morning for the last week and nearly every morning prior to that I’ve leapt out of bed at 9am to savour the delights of Body Attack, Body Pump, Body Combat and this morning it was ‘Stability Ball’. (I felt like I had cheated on LesMills  – the founder of the ‘Body’ fitness classes!) I now find I actually WANT to exercise and eat more healthily, I no longer need the inspiration or motivation I relied on before.


If I could pay an inspirational speaker to walk around behind me 24/7 I probably would (not Francesca MacDuff-Varley for fellow apprentice fans), unfortunately I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel due to the no student loan summer syndrome. Every so often though I have the pleasure of being inspired and a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with the Head of Marketing and Communications for Continuum – a visitor attraction company that runs sites across the UK such as Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, York’s Chocolate Story and The Cantebury Tales. I’ll be doing a weeks marketing work experience with them in September and she kindly offered to meet me for a coffee, to answer any questions I had about getting into the industry or  give advice from a fellow Geography graduate. To say I was inspired was an understatement. I was inspired to want to work hard, to want to succeed in the industry and to have the determination and the passion she had. As an undergraduate, that is graduating within the year into an economic climate that is quite frankly s***, the chances of walking into my dream graduate job, are fading into the distance with a cheery goodbye. This is why everyone needs inspiration. The saying ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” frustrates me, it is after all quite demoralising trying and trying again to no avail. So instead, find something else to inspire you. You may be inspired by money (money does bring you some form of happiness regardless of what people say!), by the incentive of what lies behind closed doors or if you’re having trouble, try immersing yourself in what it is for even a short period of time.


Eventually I hope that in order to climb that ladder or open those doors I wont need someone to inspire me and remind me what I’m working for and I hope that I’ll be able to do that for someone else. It was pointed out to me that there is a gap in information for  undergraduates – a career centre can tell you that you need to be motivated, have a lot of drive and initiative but what profession doesn’t want that? I’m talking about finding out about the DNA of an industry, hearing what makes you stand out for a single profession and how to play to your strengths regardless of, if, or what, degree you do. If we had more people who were willing to inspire the younger generation, an even stronger wave of graduates would be entering the market.


Be inspired to become inspired. If you manage to inspire yourself, inspire others.



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