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Mayday, Blog!

Hello everyone!
These past few weeks have been epic.
Imagine this; You’ve just arrived in Cardiff station. You’re carrying a very heavy rucksack and a guitar case, and set off on the 20 minutes walk back home. You arrive back at your flat tired but relieved and struggle up the 2 flights of stairs to your door. You manage to get your key in the door and turn it. The door opens (after much effort) and you hastily pull the key out of the lock at an angle, snapping the tip off.

That’s one way to ruin your week! 🙂

Now I was marooned in my flat for at least 2 days before the residence office was open again on Monday morning to get a replacement. What a pain! 😀

After arriving back in Cardiff after Easter, the lectures have decided to pile on the pressure for the exam season. Urrrgh! In my maths lecture on Monday, there was a strange distraction. (On a Monday and Tuesday, I have my maths lectures in the university students union) The room we use frequently hosts events, parties and club nights but also has fold down seating to allow lectures to take place on weekdays. Since the beginning of the term there has been an old silver helium balloon sitting in the rafters left over from one of these events. However, today was the day it decided to float down into our lecture above the unsuspecting heads of first-year engineering, and brighten up Fourier transformations. It was bizarre coincidence that made the lecture all the more interesting. Mad!:)

Who put that there?


You’ll be glad to know that outside of lectures, I’ve managed to fit in a bit of R&R and last Friday, I arranged a poker night in my flat for a few course mates. We even had a couple Texas hold ’em newbies, who enjoyed learning and practising the skills they’ve seen all to frequently in EVERY James bond film ever made. 🙂 It was really great evening, and fun to see what tactics everyone was choose. We had a “big-stack bully” (Sam), a “cautious calculator” (Jacob) and the “newbies” (James, Me). Funnily enough as the evening progressed, it became evident that it was near impossible to read James through his sporadic game decisions – theref

All in – the photo, not the game!

ore making it impossible to bluff or predict. Eventually, after a good 3 hours of playing, James had won all of the chips and we ended up finishing at 2am, to congratulate someone with such good beginner’s luck!:P


On Sunday, It was Amena’s (one my course mates) birthday, so we all decided to go out for a meal. There were 12 of us in total, and we eventually chose a place called Wagamammas next to Cardiff Library and thankfully, It was a nice place, with the menu being oriented around (very heavily westernized  Japanese food. I chose a beef noodle dish, which was tricky to eat with the provided chopsticks! 😀 After failing numerous times, I finally got the hang of it pretty quickly, and enjoyed the evening thoroughly!

Anyone for sliced squid…?

I even had time beforehand to bake a chocolate cake which we had cut up there. Unfortunately, due to the ovens in Senghennydd being slightly temperamental, it sank in the middle – but tasted alright and was covered in chocolate so no-one noticed!. 🙂


Happy Birthday Amena! 🙂


My final exams of the year start in 2 weeks, once more unto the breach!



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