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Hectic Uni life

The pass few weeks have been rather hectic. Even my three weeks home were crazily busy. The first week was lovely; I lazed around the house, practiced my instruments (the poor neighbors probably weren’t happy I was home, being a saxophonist makes you a bit of a noisy neighbor :p), reminded myself of how boring day time TV is and avoided doing my essay. After that, I was constantly busy working and doing uni work. It’s surprising how quickly three weeks go by. This trip home was a milestone though as for the first time ever I think my friends and I didn’t come last in the pub quiz! We always come last even though we tend to have ten or more people in a team when your supposed to have no more than six :p It wasn’t quite first place, but third place is far better than are usual place! To be fair though, we don’t have much of a chance of winning when most of the questions are about sports and TV shows etc that were on before we were born.

Since I’ve been back at uni it’s been mental, deadline after deadline and several concerts. Starting to wonder how I’m supposed to fit in any revision with how busy I am. I’m starting to think I may have to lock myself in my room or hide away in a corner of the library throughout reading week in order to get enough revision done. Next week is our last teaching week for first year. How did this go so quickly? It literally seems like fresher’s week was only a month ago.

On top of being crazily busy, my brain just seems to be refusing to work this week and I’ve had several moments that have been you’ve been framed worthy. If only my friends had had a camera, it would have been a quick way of making some money. So it started on Monday morning in a sax quartet rehearsal, so I put my saxophone together – relatively simple task you would think, but somehow I manage to mess this up and the saxophone ends up whacking me round my face (I have such a violent saxophone!) Then walking home latter this day I get attacked by a plastic carrier bag. Yes plastic carrier bags do attack, I have now come to the conclusion that they are nasty, violent things and to make it worse you have to pay 5p for them. Getting back on track so this bag comes out from nowhere and wraps itself around my foot. I then end up hopping down the street trying to kick this bag of me going crazy and my friends of course stand their watching obviously thinking ‘I hope no one realizes I’m with this weirdo’ :p. So after half hopping and kicking my way several meters down the street thankfully only saying ‘aggg I can’t get this bag of me’ quietly I finally escape from the bag. This was just the start of the week and believe me, more things like this just keep happening this week!


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