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I do still exist!

Hi all,

I am very conscious of the fact that I haven’t written a blog in a good couple of months….what can I say? Christmas, exams and reorganising my life have been a main focus, and I just about feel back on top!

Christmas was absolutely lush! Having not been back home for pretty much the entirety of the term it was great to remind myself of what home was like! Although mine was a fleeting visit of just under a week, it’s surprising how much you can still fit in. The first thing great about going home is that it gives a chance to simply relax, unwind and have just general down time. Although uni is fabulous, it’s ‘go go go’ a lot of the time and chances are there’s always something going on that you don’t want to miss out on. So it’s nice to get away for a bit or R&R. Especially for me, living in the middle of the countryside is a nice chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days. Having said that….the common concensus after a couple of weeks is that you’re ready to get back and get back in the swing of things.

Secondly, i love catching up with everyone from back home. It’s so nice to pick back up from where you last left it. I love the fact it feels as though you only saw each last week. It’s great to hear what everyone has been up to, and trust me there are always one or two crazy stories to share! In addition, I love catching up with the family again. When it comes to second year it seems like you see/contact your family less than first year, so after going a good couple of months without seeing them it’s always nice to come home to a full household. Nan and Granddad included!

…and thirdly, the food! It’s so nice to have home cooked food! Especially the christmas dinner spread. I don’t think i’ve seen that many cooked veg in one place in a loooong time! For me, my life is always very on the go, so it’s very rare that I get a chance to actually cook something to be proud of! So coming home to starters, mains AND dessert is a luxury! Especially the way mum makes the stuffing…yum!

Now it’s back in the ‘diff, back to lectures and back to crazy filled days. Perfection! 🙂 As per usual, essays are waiting to be written and spontaneous nights out are calling, so we shall have to speak soon…




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