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Snow antics!

Snow, snow, snow 😀 I was so excited last night when I checked the weather forecast and saw that Cardiff was supposed to get heavy snow. I worse than a little kid; I felt the need to peek out of the window every 5 minutes to see if there was any snow yet. It took me ages to get to sleep. As soon as my alarm went off in the morning, I leapt out of bed to check if there was snow and I then had to tell my flatmates that there was snow (even though they had they’re blinds open and could clearly see the snow :p.)

I then decided to walk down to the music school to do some practicing (really just an excuse to go walk around in the snow in wellies.) As I approached the music school, I discovered what happens when music students are allowed near snow. I see a snowman, but not a normal snowman of course, a snowman playing a sousaphone! Members of the brass band were posing with the snowman. Seeing this actually made my day.

Now that I’ve told you about this amazing snowman you would think this would be the end, but no. Music students don’t just build the snowman and name it snow Martin, they also create a Facebook page for it. So even though some unknown shady character brutally murdered snow martin, he will live on forever through the means of Facebook.

Snow Martin’s Facebook page

To top this all of, snow martin made it onto the news with Dylan the dragon defending the university main building from snow daleks.


So after a day of snow antics, I’m snuggled up in my onesie drinking hot chocolate, perfect end to a snow day.


P.s. if you ever get a call from someone asking you if they can borrow your sousaphone for ‘something’, beware!


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