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From Secondary School and the three foot rule, to free throws and baggy clothes

Yes, you’ve guessed it – from a very young age I was an enthusiastic (you could even go as far as to say ‘fervent’) netballer! I’m sure I’d not be alone in saying that for us 31 million females in the UK, netball is one of the first sports we’re introduced to at school.  HOWEVER, upon beginning my third and final year at university and having experienced many, many happy years of netball, I decided that it was time to hang up my dress and try something else – after all, you’ve only got 50 different sports clubs at your disposal once! It so happened, that at the Sports Fayre, my gaze had to wander no further than Ladies Basketball…

After apprehensively turning up to first team trials and relying heavily on netball skills and rudimentary secondary school basketball experience, I somehow managed to land myself a position in the Cardiff Uni. Ladies first team… and haven’t looked back since!

After meeting all my new team mates, the next step was to survive the social that turns any knowing uni. sports student wide-eyed with a mixture of excitement and apprehension… initiation!

It was announced the week before during training that the theme for the night was to be ‘ShipWRECKED’. Being the economical and thrifty student money-saver that I am, I decided that it would be wise to recycle an old cave girl costume in an attempt to pass of the castaway look.  Therefore, slightly under-dressed, but undeterred and complete with compulsory 4-pack of fosters at the ready, I happily trundled off with fellow basketball freshers to meet at our captain’s house where the fun and games would properly begin…

Arriving ten minutes early (after all, ‘lateness is punishable’…) we were given a compulsory shot, and it wasn’t long until the games began! The fixtures for the evening began with pass-the-parcel complete with cringe-inducingly embarrassing dares (demonstrating my finest Golum impression isn’t usually the approach I go for when making friends..!), followed by all-time classics like Beer Pong, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and a boat race! At midnight we were told to prepare to leave to hit the all-time Wednesday night fave, ‘The Lash’ – but with a twist – we were then tied at the wrist to two fellow freshers only to be lead outside and pelted with water bombs – all in the name of sporting tradition! (although how funny the committee members found it when unburst bombs were pelted back at them is another story altogether..!)

But aside from making some already crazily strong friendships the last few months, enjoyment on the court and in the gym has been as strong as enjoyment off the court. Competing in our BUCS league against: Bristol, Southampton, Swansea, Bath and Bournemouth, we’ve managed to retain the top place position in the league!! The season’s not even half-way through yet, but with our unbeaten record, we’ve definitely got what it takes to bring home the title! And, well, as far as Varsity goes… Swansea had better up their training!

Cardiff on 3! 1, 2, 3… CARDIFF!


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