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Christmas Hols

Hi everyone, I am currently enjoying my Christmas holidays!

Sorry for not posting sooner, but the last few weeks have been hectic!

The weekend before we broke up, there was a BUCS competition for the clay pigeon team. We drove all the way to a place near Telford. I managed to shoot a total of 60 / 100 clays – not bad for my first competition!

A standard BUCS setup

On Monday, I went Ice skating with the Senghennydd court mission team. My first time at Ice skating, I managed to bruise my left elbow after falling flat on my back! You can only learn ice skating the way… 😉 After about 20 mins, I finally got the hang of it and even did a few turns and stops. Just when I thought I had it, the time was up! It was really good fun and I would recommend it to anyone who’s feeling adventurous!

The Ice rink in Cardiff

Tuesday, the Cardiff racing team had a carting social down by Cardiff central. I wasn’t very good with my average lap times being 46s as opposed to the normal average of about 35. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and aim to be faster next time!;)

On Wednesday, it was the Cardiff racing Christmas meal. It was a very nice three course meal at the Pen and Wig in Cardiff. The food was great, the company was excellent and it was all in all a very good evening.

Thursday was the deadline of my last long report, and after spending three hours trying to find an academic reference to “homologous temperatures of creeping materials”, I finally managed to submit it in the morning.

Friday was the trip home on the train, and the final practices for our church’s Christmas service on Sunday. I ended up acting in a comedy sketch, playing guitar accompaniment to the songs involved in the production aswell as singing song harmonies. It went really well, and was enjoyed by all.

Then was the gear up to Christmas, with my mum and I making some delicious mince pies! They soon vanished!

Christmas was a blast, with it being nice to celebrate with the family. I’ve needed to chop up quite a bit of wood lately, – especially kindling as although the weather hasn’t been snow it has been quite chilly in the evening. It’s good fun as the pine my dad and I have felled is well seasoned and ready for splitting.


Success! My pine is seasoned and ready to be split.

Among other things, for Christmas I was given a “build- your own” mechanical desk clock. it’s fully functional and is powered by a wind up spring on the back. (see picture/video)


Tick tock!

During the hols, our postbox was backed into by a tractor. So in the pouring rain, my dad and I had to come up with and build a lasting solution. I came up with a triangle crossbeam structure. We couldn’t use post it sits on because it was rotten, and needed reinforcing. Here is a picture of our handiwork (notice the weather..!):


The fixed postbox

I spent new year with my family this year, and to celebrate we had a little party which was concluded by setting off some fireworks. New years resolutions were set and we all joined in for a chorus of “Old Lang syne”.

As part of the family’s new years resolution, we have been doing some local walks. They normally last about a morning, and are great fun. I usually end up giving one of my younger sisters a piggyback most of the way as well!

Giddy up horsey!


Gearing up my revision for my January exams, with the first on the 14th, the weeks will only start getting busier!




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