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Hi all,

So I’ve spent the last three weeks at home for Christmas and been spoilt rotten. My mum left the decorating until I got home. So after several hours of fighting with Christmas lights, getting tinsel everywhere and dropping several drawing pins on the floor –which we still haven’t found (glad they didn’t end up in my feet like usual) the house was christmassyfied 😀

I spent most of the time working over Christmas. I’m lucky that the shop I’ve worked in for the past three years has kept me on for holiday times so I have a job when I come home. My holiday started of being rather productive with me writing out all my revision notes and writing a third of my essay in the first few days back, but as Christmas approached I put all the work aside. I really need to hit the books when I get back.

I spent most of Christmas day in my new onesie. Onesies are amazing, but I am still searching for one with a tail. My life will be complete when I have an animal onesie with a hood and a tail. I have such a simple mind. We visited my cousins to watch them open their presents and my three year old cousin asked my why I was still in pyjamas as your not allowed to open presents until you’re dressed. I then had to show her that I had a dress on under my awesome onesie. It was so tempting to hide round corners, jump out at people and growl like a leopard – apparently this isn’t appropriate for a 20 year old to do. If you can’t act like a child at Christmas when can you? We then had the Christmas roast. Food, food and more food! I definitely need to hit the gym when I get back to Cardiff.

On boxing day I went sale shopping 😀 clothes, clothes, more clothes and shoes! I love Boxing Day, but my bank account doesn’t. Of course, boxing day wouldn’t be boxing day without the typical who cheated in monopoly argument! At least I wasn’t the cheater for once 😀 I was playing against a 12 year old and eight year old and I may have conned my eight year old cousin into selling me her airports so I could then charge them £1m every time they landed on one MWAHAHA! Guess who won? Me!!! Although I then started to feel bad for not letting them win, but I suppose it teaches them that you don’t always win everything (and not to mess with their big cousin :p) On a serious note though when did monopoly start using electronic bank cards instead of paper money? When did they get rid of the dog counter? I loved the dog counter, he was my friend and since when do you get £2m for passing go instead of £200? Rant over.

I had a rather quiet new years eve, I worked during the afternoon and when I got home I made a cake and cake pops with my mum. But these weren’t just any cakes. They were wheat free, egg free, dairy free, nut free ones and for the first time ever they were actually edible! The plus side of having no younger siblings is that it is still my job to lick the bowl 😀 Definitely the best part of baking. So instead of going out and dancing the night away, I spent the night baking with my mum and getting absolutely covered in cake mix. I am worse than a four year old!

So this year, I decided to actually make New Year resolutions and was determined to stick to them; 1.) No eating crisps – failed on new years day, 2.) Actually start using my diary – still haven’t used it yet so fail, 3.) To stop procrastinating – failed instantly! Maybe I will start again next week and see if they last for more than a day :p New years day consisted of far too much food and awful, I mean ear bleeding awful karaoke! I would upload a video, but I don’t want to put you through the pain and also my mum may kill me if I upload it :p

So when I wasn’t working I met up with my friends. It was so nice to see them for the first time in three months. After three months apart we had so much catching up to do.  So tomorrow I’m travelling back to Cardiff with a car load of clean washing :D. I think I may be the only one in my flat to start of with. Will be extremely quiet! Christmas at home consisted of work, work, work, a tiny bit of revision, far too much food, loads of bad TV and I turned into a coach potato.


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