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Quite literally drinking the bar dry…

Greetings to you all from home, Right now I’m writing to you all from the comfort of my family home (it’s lovely to be here!). As I told you last week, this week just gone has been absolutely crazy with many a Christmas party, the round-up of lectures, the furious submission of essays and of course, Drink the Bar Dry! As I’m sure you all know, the last week before you break up for Christmas is always manic.

On Monday I had a double lecture, Christmas shopping, netball training and then a friend’s 22nd birthday dinner. Tuesday consisted of a bit more Christmas shopping, the starting of my final essay to give in and cleaning my room for ready to leave it for a month. Wednesday was made up of 3 rounding-off lectures and seminars where we could ask our lecturers any final questions, followed by a huge netball social in the evening. Thursday was then spent feeling very hung over and finishing off my essay, cleaning up the house with the housemates with yet another social in the evening. Friday was the biggest one of the week, as it was the very heavily anticipated Drink the Bar Dry. So let me fill you in on the wonders that is Drink the Bar Dry (DTBD). On the last day of the term the union opens up from 9am and puts on a breakfast buffet where, provided you’ve bought a ticket, you go along as early as you like and line your stomach with a feast of cooked breakfast washed down with a pint or a vodka mixer if you’re feeling brave. They also give you a DTBD t-shirt you can put on to allow you to walk in and out of the union anytime you want during the day, and some people wear it as a means of not ruining their clothes in their state of inevitable intoxication. What myself and my friends decided to do was to head to the union for breakfast and a few breakfast pints, then go to a lecture, then head back again once we’d freshened up at home (and by freshen up, I mean sober up!). We were dealt a sweet card on Friday as our lecturer had emailed us that morning, to tell us our lecture had been cancelled so we had the  entire day to enjoy ourselves, without running the risk of disgracing ourselves at the lecture. After a few pints in the union, we headed home where we played games, listened to Christmas songs, sang a few carols and psyched ourselves up for the night ahead. 4 hours and 2 bottles (each!) of cava later we staggered over to my friend’s house where the party got started with her birthday celebrations. She had made 3 different punches which I thought would be a great idea to try them all, this was really not a wise idea in hind sight, as my memory of the night rapidly disintegrates after having that punch. So sometime after sipping on punch and speaking to a load of people before we all make our way home for Christmas, we headed over to the union where it was packed to roof with hoards of very drunk students. I can’t really remembered how long I stayed there, but I have a feeling that it wasn’t that late as when I was crawling back home there seemed to be a lot of people around so I would guess it was no later than midnight! Usually I wouldn’t go home so early but when you’ve been drinking since 10 in the morning, it’s quite an achievement to last until midnight. It was an incredible night and I saw so many people I knew in the union so it was the perfect way to cap off a great semester. The party didn’t quite end when we left the union, as we knocked back a few drinks at home before passing out in bed still wearing my DTBD t-shirt, so all in all, a great day!

The next morning was an amalgam of reminiscing from the fantastic night before, and frantically getting my stuff together as I was heading home on the train at noon. After making sure I didn’t leave any food to rot away in the fridge for a month (gross) I tidied up my room, had a shower, threw a random load of clothes and books into a suitcase, bid goodbye to my housemates, and raced to the station  where I jumped on a very packed train with lots of other bag-laden students. The train journey home was horrible, I was so tired and hung over from the night before, and I had such a heavy bag to squeeze on to a packed train. But thankfully, I finally made it home and was greeted by my parents who were pleased to see me.

So what am I going to be doing over the Christmas holidays? Unfortunately I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ve got to write my 5000 word dissertation draft ready for when I return to Cardiff in January, and I’ve also got to revise for an exam (thankfully I only have 1 exam though). I’m also going to do a few shifts in my dad’s deli as I am in desperate need to pay off my overdraft. (That’s the one bad thing about burning the candle at both ends and going out so much to celebrate Christmas, it leaves you absolutely broke!) So next time I speak to you all, I’ll let you know how I’m getting on with my work, revision, seeing my home friends again, and preparing for the big day. Take care x


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