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Here comes christmas!

So, after the utter disappointment of the 4 week period of the autumn international rugby games, much of it spent drowning my sorrows, Cardiff is finally settled down again. Or not.

As December begins, so does the insane stream of psychotic christmas shoppers and party-goers. Now, shopping is something i actually don’t mind that much, especially in Cardiff where it’s actually quite easy to find what you need. However; When christmas comes around, so do the wild mothers, unstoppable push-chairs and crazy queues. What perhaps surprises me the most is how busy it can be on any regular weekday.

My attempt last Friday to ‘pop’ into town for a couple of things was hampered by the sheer mass of shoppers everywhere around the city. Don’t these people have school to attend, or jobs to get to?! Maybe a hypocritical stance to take as i walked aimlessly among them…

What maybe makes up for the rather frustrating amount of people are the festive lights and various festive things around the city, like ‘Winter Wonderland’, where there’s an ice rink and some horrendous looking giant swing set. At least the city looks nice while I stomp around frustrated.

Another thing that I enjoy about christmas as a student are the nights out – christmas songs are just amazing. I’m not actually joking either, The Pogues and Kirsty Maccoll being a fine example. Now when a nightclub plays that kind of song, I’m a happy man!

Now that the rain has stopped (sorry if i’ve jinxed it…), going to lectures becomes bearable, granted I’ve remembered to wear several layers. Some snow would be nice as well… (there I go again jinxing things…)

So anyway, Christmas being cheerful and all, clearly it’s a all a bit “too good to be true”…. I suppose it is, because there is of course the usual amount of work that comes with it being the end of term. As much as the libraries are brilliant for working in and provide the books I need, It’s impossible to enjoy spending hours in there and on top of that, the usual batch of flu just hit me. But, with only one deadline left before heading home, I suppose I’m quite lucky and I have, mostly, enjoyed the assignments that we’ve been set (as much as you can enjoy essays…).

With only next week to go and my christmas playlist on full blast, the next thing on the menu, quite literally, is the annual house christmas meal. Scheduled for next Saturday (although it was also scheduled initially for last Saturday) I’ll sure to post about it, but if it’s anything like out first year meal, it should be fun. With limited funds and resources that comes with being a fresher and an essential trip to Iceland, we cooked up some crazy concoction of everything we liked, Chicken, Pork, chips, wedges, goujons, potatoes, gravy, peppercorn sauce, onion rings, yorkshire puddings…etc. I imagine that this year will be similarly strange…

Battling my urges to go makes some food now, I should crack on with some university work!




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