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Reading Week

So this week was reading week. Unlike most people I decided to stay in Cardiff for reading week instead of going home. I was looking forward to a week of layins, watching bad films on Netflix, going to the gym, catching up with all my work and perhaps the odd night out. Of course this week didn’t go as simply as I planned. They never do! At the end of last week I lost my hearing aid (yes pretty stupid!) I tried sorting this myself by emailing my audiologist and he offered to send me a hearing aid, but there was still the problem of how I would get a mould made for my hearing aid. Long story short it would take weeks for me to be referred to the audiology department in Cardiff, so the only choice I had was to come home and book an appointment at my normal audiology department. This left me a whole two hours to book tickets, pack and get to the train station. I’m not quite sure how, but somehow I made it to the train station on time and only forgot a few things.

The next challenge was navigating myself to the correct platforms. The whole time I was looking for platform 16 in London I couldn’t help but think it would be so much cooler if my ticket said platform nine and three quarters. (Yes I know I’m a geek and I really need to get a life!) Three changes later I successfully made it back to King’s Lynn, although it was looking a bit iffy as to whether I would make it home at the point when we arrived at one station they announced that only the first four coaches carry on to King’s Lynn and the rest go somewhere else. Panic mode! I had no idea which coach I was currently in and in the end I had to run from one end of the platform to the other (with my heavy suitcase full of dirty washing and books) to get into the right coach. Thankfully I made it onto the train just in time so my vision of me being stranded at the train station didn’t materialise.

So I ended up spending most of this week catching up with family and friends, which was really nice and my mum cooked me a roast om nom nom 🙂 The only down sound to visiting home was my mum decided to wake me up at 7am every morning! I don’t do 7am in the morning, 9 maybe, but even that is pushing it.

I of course left packing until 11pm the night before I was travelling back to Cardiff – I really need to be more organized. Packing the suitcase was a challenge, I had gained a new pair of shoes, decided to take some extra clothes and another handbag back with me – bearing in mind my suitcase seemed to be at bursting point when I travelled to King’s Lynn. Of course leaving any of these things was not an option! So after rearranging my packing 5 times the suitcase finally zipped up with everything in it! Although this all made it really heavy so carrying the suitcase up and down the stairs in London underground station was not fun! I also ended up walking around in circles in the London underground and got a tiny bit lost, but thankfully I still made it to my train in time. I have to say train journeys are incredibly boring, but on the plus side I probably got a lot more reading done than I would have if I’d spent the day procrastinating in my room.


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