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Mum visiting

I’ve had quite a quiet week this week, but at the weekend my mum came to visit me 🙂 It was a weekend of tears (emotional mother) and shopping. I meet her in St David’s where we went to Nandos for tea – it was so nice to eat something I hadn’t cooked myself or paid for myself. Free food is the best! Then we went back to my flat and when she saw that I only had cheese spread and apples in the fridge she instantly took me on a mass shopping spree in Tesco extra. I normally love shopping, but food shopping is so boring compared to clothes shopping. Nearly 2 hours later (yes we really spent that long food shopping!) we returned to my flat with countless bags of shopping. Fitting all the food in the fridge and freezer was a bit of a challenge! Its fair to say that as my mum had come down in her car I essentially used her as a taxi service to take me every where I needed to go and get every done – I hope she doesn’t decide to come down on the train next time! It was lovely to see her again and of course when it came to her leaving there were tears again from her.


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