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Alternative Freshers

Warning: The following passage is utter rubbish. All dance moves outlined should never be performed in public. It shall lead to a social life APPOCALYPSE. The side effects of reading this passage consists of multiple *facepalm* moments, grunts of disgust and if you are my mother (hi mummy 🙂 ) then disapproving hand flaps at the computer screen. O.O

For you see, I am a weirdo. I say this not with pride, but more a sad acceptance. I am unfortunately, the type of person who takes clubbing to be equivalent to a year six christmas dance. Resultantly, regardless of the song actually playing, I will break down into the macarena, and do the funky chicken. I will also order copious amounts of orange juice from the bar and consequentially need to pee constantly. Despite not drinking, I will then end up tripping up the stairs and wake up the next day hobbling like a garden gnome. Basically, I am an embarrassment to human nature. :L On discovering that me in a club was equivalent to putting lettuce in the microwave (I did that…don’t do that :L) I decided to waddle away to find some other method of socializing with fellow earthlings.

My method of doing this? SIGN UP TO EVERY CLUB POSSIBLE TO FIND FRIEEENDS (*cough* *cough* imma desperado :L) This lead to waking up the next day with a good 184 new emails in my inbox. -.- A further 20 minutes later I had quite cold heartedly exterminated most of these emails (including the Harry Potter Society :'( kinda gave that one the chopper when I found out that I didn’t get my own Hedwig.) Anyway this narrowed it down to four potential societies…Art Soc, Asian Soc, ISOC, and Rambling and Hiking. The hiking dream died pretty quickly when I realised it involved exercise D: :L But the first Asian soc social was pretty cool! There was a chilli eating contest to which I was like wuuut? Torture much! :L XD So I sat there and empathized for these guys sweating their brains out, downing chilli with the same expression as those kids of the Haribo tongue-tastic adverts. ISOC was lovely too, with their fresher’s dinner being really homely and chilled….but all this really only contributed 1/8th of my Freshers.

I was happily stalking my grandmother’s Facebook page when I found it on the side tab…Alternative Freshers. It was this monster group for all the students that were looking for something a bit different to do in Cardiff. I met up with them and we got on like a house on fire. We went into this Pub in town, and it was really strange. :L This building had three stories, and the inside had this old theatre-feel to it with huge heavy curtains and these Roman-like pillars and arches. Every time we went up a floor, the place would transform from this raucous crazy Friday night gathering at the bottom, to this really arty, chilled out cofee shop like setting right at top. So literally we grabbed a table at the top and talked complete nonsense into the night. It was a strange moment, when you’re sitting in a strange place in a strange city with complete strangers…but there was a certain beauty to it.

Anywhoo in between all these life and death society decisions and spontaneous Pub gatherings, my nightlife consisted of sitting alone in my room, watching the parody of the english pronunciation guide on YouTube. I attempted to convince my flat mate that the correct pronunciation of twilight was twi..why wooty gahooty. To this day, she does not believe me. 🙁


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