Day: November 3, 2012

Boy, that escalated quickly…

Posted on 3 November 2012 by Tomos

How this week got so out of hand, i really don’t know. Sunday night I told myself that this week I would begin work on various essays I have due in this month, and that in order to do that I’d try not go out so much. That didn’t work out so well in the
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Alternative Freshers

Posted on 3 November 2012 by Aarifa

Warning: The following passage is utter rubbish. All dance moves outlined should never be performed in public. It shall lead to a social life APPOCALYPSE. The side effects of reading this passage consists of multiple *facepalm* moments, grunts of disgust and if you are my mother (hi mummy 🙂 ) then disapproving hand flaps at
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