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Tea bags and toilet rolls…student house politics!

Hello again, This week I’m going to tell you about last weeks netball match, fill you in a little on what life is like living with your friends outside of halls of residence in your own house, and my future plans after finishing my degree in the spring.

So last time I left you, I was about to dash off to a netball match and what a match it was! We turned up on court with feelings of anticipation, tension, and fear (we were playing the University’s Royal Navy Unit – URNU, and it’s safe to say we were terrified!) It was also our first match of the season, so we were a little concerned that we wouldn’t be as fit as we should be, or maybe our skills had got a little rusty over the summer. Things got off to a slow start as their captain got stuck in traffic and we couldn’t start the match until she arrived as she had all of their bibs. When she finally arrived and we all got on court to kick the match off, I think the heightened sense of anticipation must have had a profound effect on all of us, as we burst into quick play from the first whistle, scoring 5 goals in less than 5 minutes! From there, we pushed on even harder, taking the score to 10-o at half time, and ending up after the second half with a 23-0 win! What a game! After that fantastic match we all went home, showered, changed, then met up for a mandatory netball social to celebrate! This weeks theme was ‘Welsh’ as we were going to a club called ‘Clwb Ifor Bach’ which translates to ‘Welsh Club’ – it’s an alternative night club which not only plays chart music, but Motown music which is great for shaking your tail feathers to. In true netball spirit, we all turned up in fancy dress, we had rugby players, Welsh dragons, and of course flocks of sheep! (Myself being one of them!) It was an awesome night, made even sweeter by the terrific win earlier in the day.

Let me also tell you about what it’s like to live in a house with your friends. When you first hear stories about people going to university, you usually hear about people living in ‘Halls of Residence’ or ‘halls’ as most people call them. I’ve got many a story to tell you about my time in halls, but I’ll save that either for the other 1st year insiders, or I’ll leave it to another time. Right now I’m living in a house in the student suburb of Cardiff called ‘Cathays’. It’s a great area to live in, it’s packed with bars, pubs, cheap shops/supermarkets, and really close to the university buildings and the union – you also can’t walk down the street without bumping into someone you know!

Living in your own house has a very different feel to it than living in halls. In halls, all the bills are paid for as they are included in your rent, you have cleaners come in and clean the floors and corridors on a weekly basis, and you’ve only got your room to keep tidy. When you move on from halls and move into your house in the second and third year, all these responsibilities and much more are put on to your shoulders! Right now, as we’re paying rent without bills included, we’re doing our best to delay putting on the central heating – that does mean it can get a little nippy around the house, but putting on a big thick jumper is a lot cheaper than putting on the central heating! We’re also being as economical as possible with communal items such as toilet rolls and tea bags. (Although my dad kindly gave me a bag of 1100 tea bags as a house-warming gift – nice one dad, I’m very popular now!) Living with your friends is so much fun, but let me give you a word of advice: live with people who know the value of money! If you leave a light on all night, then it’s you who foots the bill for it. Also live with people who don’t mind pulling their weight in terms of the upkeep of the house, and are happy to help you put the smelly bin bags out on the right night of the week! Get this right and you’ll have so much fun with your housemates.

I’m off now, but as a quick note before I go, let me tell you that I applied to take part in an ICS (International Citizen Service) scheme, which organises volunteers to go out and help in impoverished countries all over the world. After a 9 page application and a few days of tense waiting, I’ve been invited to an assessment day down in London which I’m going to be attending next week. I’ll tell you all about it soon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s blog, next week I’ll fill you in on the other work I do – I work in an office once a week – as well as tell you about other bits and bobs I’ve been up to such as going to London for this assessment day. Peace. x



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