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As a final year medical student I am fast approaching the end of my time as a Student at Cardiff University. This is pretty sad as I’ve literally had the best 5 years of my life here and it hurts inside when I think about leaving.

However this year is also a very exiting year for all of us final year medics as alongside placement , exams and our elective we also get to apply for our first jobs. It’s a 2 part process the first of which had to be completed by last week. In this step of the application we have to rank every part of the UK in order of preference of where we would most like to work.

Needless to say this was a pretty solid task and reminded me of when I was trying to decide at which University to study. At one point I did think about tossing a coin or asking my magic 8 ball to decide where I should apply,  but after drinking some metaphorical concrete I hardened up and made the decision.

Here is my TOP 5 Choices of Places to work:

  1. Wales
  2. Severn (Bristol area)
  3. Peninsula (Devon and Cornwall)
  4. Northern (Newcastle)
  5. Wessex (Brighton)

In then end it wasnt a difficult decision to put Wales as my top choice. Yes I could be anywhere in the country, but with nearly all of my best friends sticking around and the fact I’ve had such a great 5 years here I figured another 2 would be pretty sweet. Plus if Cardiff is such good fun with a student loan imagine what it’s like  when getting paid 🙂

Fingers crossed I get my top choice now!! I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.





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