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Hello all,

I’ve recently come back from spending the weekend with my family back in the Brecon beacons. After on friday, I rushed home quickly to pack at 4:30 to catch the train at 5:35 from Cardiff Central. I spent longer than I should packing and left the house at 5:10 and had to run all of the way to the station. After a long run, I finally managed to arrive on the train platform at 5:36 only to watch the train as it left the station without me. So, making the most of a bad situation I went to Burger King across the road and had a large coffee. The Coffee was good, and Burger King even had a promotional offer of a free mug with every purchase, which was cool.

The Free Mug From Burger King

So I finally managed to get the next train home, and after a 40 minute train journey (£5 single) I was met at the station by my sisters and mum. On Saturday, as my youngest sister ( Meg) had ordered a film called “The Women In Black” off LoveFilm, we soent the afternoon watching that. The film was okay, with a decent story but the tension wasn’t built up very well in my opinion. The main “scary bits” were only a bit jumpy – such as a loud noise would shock you after listening intently to some quiet dialogue. I would rate it about a 6/10 – not up there with the greats, but worth a watch if it was on TV.

The weather was good over the week-end, with Sunday having blazing sunshine. We managed to crack open our archery set at home, and loose off a few arrows. We had great fun, with us shooting a target about 25 yards away. Not many of those arrows hit the target however, but they are made from fibreglass which makes them pretty tough. More practice needed I think… 🙂

Not wanting to miss my train back on Sunday, we drove to Ebbw Vale station at about 4:20 to get on the platform at 4:30 – only to yet again see the train leave the platform without me. It turns out that the inward bound train services on a Sunday are 5 minutes earlier than on a weekday. So having 2 hours untill the next train, my family and I managed to spend some more time together and had a meal out.

Robin Hood, Eat Your Heart Out!

On Wednesday, I went to my second clay pigeon shooting event. This week we went up to South Wales 2000 in blackwood, which was a big site with facilities that included skeet, clays and more. There was also a reasonable cafe there which served hot drinks, bacon rolls, – the usual. The ranges were quite busy, with about another 20 shooters not including the university’s club on a very bleak day on top of a cold mountain. I managed to shoot a box of 25 shells using 2 different types of shotgun – a semi automatic Benelli and an over-under Beretta. I preferred the latter, as it kicked harder and was easier to trace the clays with.

The Skeet Range

Lectures seem to be heating up, with the tutorial sheets coming thick and fast. I should really get round to buying some appropriate textbooks, but I like using the one’s out of the library so there’s no great rush. Things are mainly recapping from a-level in maths, but it’s good to re-practice techniques that I haven’t used since before the summer. We’ll have to see what the rest of the semester brings…



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