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Thursday Night Pub Quiz

Last night  Josh, Josh’s flat mate Will and I all went to the “never mind the pub quiz” in the Taff. It was a great laugh with the entrance being the pub quiz tradition: £1.

When I arrived there at about 8pm, however, the place was absolutely packed! The Queue for the bar was at least 15 minutes long.

So me and Josh started playing several intense rounds of “the service race”. If you’ve never played it before, it’s very simple. Basically, the idea is to be the first to get to the bar and be served. This isn’t as easy as it sounds when there’s 50 thirsty customers that have got there before you and probably wont be happy with your obvious queue jumping. This then makes the game usually incorporate techniques such as queuing directly behind the tills in the bar, the flanking movement and the direct eye contact. At the end of the night, the score stood at 4-3 to Josh. I’ll get him next time… 😉

Vodka seemed cheaper than usual last night as doubles were £2.60. Good new for me as it made my drink on par with the cost of a pint (Close enough) and I could afford to not mix drinks.

So then the pub quiz started, and everyone started trying to think up the funniest name for the quiz master to read out. Common ones included; “I just Quizzed” and “Lets get quizzical”.  Our team decided to try to be unique by naming our team after the food we’d ordered; “16 inch meat feast”, which seemed like a good idea at the time.

It was a difficult quiz last night, with the challenge round involving recognising famous film phrases such as “You talkin’ to me?”. For 2 points, you had to name the film, the character and the actor who played that character. We did alright, and ended up getting 8/10 which was respectable.

After the pub quiz, we managed to grab a pool table. However, we only managed to get one game as someone was quicker than us at getting their pound coins on the table. We thought we’d make the most of it, and what a tense game that was! It ended up with Josh on the black, and me with 1 red and the black. I managed to win a rebound shot across the table, which made my evening.

The early stages of the game…

All in all, a good night which costed all-in under £10. Not bad for a thursday…




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