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First blog post

Hello Everyone! Here is my first ever blog post so here goes…

I managed to get my laptop talking with the wifi here 🙂

No fire alarms last night which was good, so I managed to get some undisturbed sleep.

An eventful day so far:

I had my first lecture thing in the morning at 9 am, which consisted of a very long power point. It mainly talked about how the assessment of the course was broken down and who to talk to when there are problems. I have to go and meet my personal tutor this afternoon, followed by a two hour long health and safety brief.

I just baked my first ever batch of rock cakes in my oven 🙂 I added chocolate pieces, grated carrot and sprinkled in some cinnamon. I’ve attached a photo if you want to see.

 Initial tasting tells me the chocolate and the butter worked as planned. However, I think they needed more carrot and the cinnamon flavour isn’t as prominent as i wanted it to be. But hey, it’s a first go and they taste alright. I might put a couple with my pack lunch.

Unfortunately when I went into my spice bag to find my cinnamon, one of my Garam Masala pots had accidentally popped open and spilled all over the bag  :(. I took all the jars out and as the bag was used from brand new, I put what I could back into the pot. It doesn’t have any large grains of dirt in it.

Lots of things planned for tomorrow, mainly a meet with some old school friends at the Taff. The Taff is not bad as far as pubs go. It’s clean, cheap drinks and the atmosphere is good before about 11pm. In my old town, it wasn’t uncommon to have to pay minimum £3 for a pint of beer, and £3.60 for Guinness but here it’s about £1.80 and the Guinness isn’t bad either at £1.99. I can’t comment about the food and the free chips served with the freshers wristband seem smaller than a packet of crisps. Oh well…



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