Housemates, Settling in

Meet the Flatmates

It’s crazy how the independence just hits you like a punch in the face. One minute you’re snuggled up on the sofa watching Toy Story 3 with your mum, crying when Andy leaves his toys behind and goes to college; and the next…its like BOOM. You’re in college! So there I was, standing outside my flat with this MEGATRON suitcase, watching my parents drive away and abandon me. Okay I lie, it really wasn’t that melodramatic. The truth of the matter is, moving day really was the most freeing and exciting day of my life. You’re sitting in the car speeding to the place you worked so hard to get to for so long! All you can really feel is this insane sense of elation.

So I enter my flat, and being a crazily over-keen early bird, I’m actually the first one there! Only seven more trips up the stairs and a terrible backache later, and I was moved in! So I looked around at this empty room, at the cream painted walls and the little single bed just chilling in the corner, and I think to myself…”I can do this.” That’s when the hard part hit me. I turned around ready for my goodbyes when out pops these huge sad puppy dog eyes from my little sister, staring at me like I’ve just ended her world. Dang. So I cried, and she cried, and Mum cried, and Dad went “now that you have all sufficiently dehydrated yourselves…let’s head home.” At which point we all hugged and cried some more before they finally left me.

Now I’m not crazy, if left alone in a flat in a new city with absolutely no parental control…I shall go wild. Wild for me in this case meant changing into my Penguin onesie pajamas  blasting Elvis Presley’s “Hound dog” at half (…I’m not that hard core) volume through the building, and attacking my walls with scrabble letters spelling out pointless things, a chunky pile of family pictures and the biggest Lion King poster you’re eyes could have the pleasure of feasting on (its embossed too…yes I know. Embossed.).

So there I am, humming away, unpacking all my mess when I hear scratches outside the door. Now the first thing I actually thought, as embarrassing as it is, was that there was a cat outside my door. Being on the 3rd floor of quite a tall building that unfortunately lacks a cat flap…this was pretty much impossible. But alas, it was the first thing I thought! So, ignoring the phantom cat, I continued to run around in my onesie pajamas. That was when the door smacked open and a girl walks in dragging a suitcase and 3 rucksacks, and stares straight at me. So there I am, dressed as a penguin, Elvis Presley still “uh huh huh-ing” in the background, and mascara stains all down my face from the crying I had done that morning. Great first impression Aarifa, she’s gonna love you! So there was that awkward moment of silence that spanned a century, where we both stared each other down like they do in those old westerns, before she broke the silence. “I like your onesie,” she said, and this great big grin spread across her face. I laughed and smiled back…and after that point, everything fell into place.

The other girls moved in soon after, and within days we turned from complete strangers into friends you could have known for a lifetime. Albeit, I did become known as the bumbling numpty of the group, screaming and calling a flat meeting so they could kill the spider that had crawled into my room only two days later (which we defeated quite heroically with a lot of screaming and a feather duster) but it’s been fun. If that could happen in a week, I’m guessing the rest of this year is going to be quite interesting…


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