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Freshers was amazing! During freshers we mainly went to the student union, but on our first night, we went to tiger tiger in town. This was probably one of the best nights. When we got back, we decided to play twister. I now know that drunk twister is never a good idea!! It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but in the morning I wondered why I ached and had a big bruise on my leg –twister. The welcome party on the Friday night at the SU was really good. When we collected our freshers wristbands – which we had to queue for an hour and a half, we also got given a T-shirt to wear to the welcome party. Each halls had a different coloured T-shirt, talybont courts was green. At first we weren’t looking forward to wearing these, but after attacking them with some scissors they looked quite good. We threw a flat party on this night before going to the SU and met loads of people. We’ve become good friends with some of the people that came to our party, although there were some people there that we didn’t end up getting to know at all.

On the Saturday the SU had a hero and villains theme. Two of my flat mates and I went to town during the day to try and find outfits. Cardiff town centre is so cool! We spent hours shopping. Most people did dress up which was a relief; we were a bit worried that we would be the only people turning up in costumes. The UV party on the Sunday night at the SU was good.

Although the nights out were good, I think that I had more fun socializing in our flat during pre drinks. I don’t even though the name of half the drinking games we ended up playing, Id never played any drinking games before coming to uni. Drinking jenga is pretty cool.

Freshers isn’t all about going out and drinking. After 4 nights out in a row I started to feel I awful. Although all the nights out were great, I found the days I didn’t go out more enjoyable as I could actually function. Freshers week was so busy with all the nights out, fresher fayres and induction. By the end of freshers week we had no energy left, but we were determined to go to freshers ball as we had already brought the tickets. Freshers ball was ok, especially when a band called stoosh played, but in general, we had all just had enough by this point and were so tired.


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