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Moving in!!!!

So after weeks of excitement, counting down the days until I move to Cardiff, it was finally time. The car was packed to the point where we could fit nothing else in, all that was left was the 5 hour drive to Cardiff. The journey seemed to take for ever, but at last we arrived in Cardiff. Next was the task of unpacking the car. I lost count of the amount of times we went up and down the stairs with all my stuff. Im so glad I was only on the 1st floor! After Id done most of the unpacking, went shopping and had tea, it was time for my mum to leave. Sad, but freedom! So Im in a new city, where I know no one and have no parental control. What to do? Party!

Unpacking took ages! I finally finished unpacking the next day (although I have no idea where Ive put half of my stuff) that I really looked at my room. I was rather surprised by the size of my room, its actually rather big for a room in halls and the wardrobe space is great, although I am tempted to go on a clothes shop seeing as there’s some space in my wardrobe. Before moving I was a bit worried about whether I would get on with my flat mates, but they are all so nice and we get on really well. After the first night together, we felt like we’d known each other for ages.

Heres some pictures of the kitchen and lounge area in Talybont Court.

I’ve been planning on taking a picture of my room to put on here, but it hasn’t been tidy enough so far :p


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