IMGAME Fieldwork in Cape Town

Two members of the IMGAME team went to Cape Town at the end of February to repeat an experiment on ‘race’, which had first been done almost exactly one year ago in collaboration with Jeremy Seekings and Rebecca Maughan-Brown at the Centre for Social Science Research at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Last year’s project involved the three official ‘racial categories’ – ‘Black’, ‘Coloured’ and ‘White’ – which are used by the UCT to monitor its commitment to affirmative action in its admissions policy.
The Pass Rates obtained at last year’s experiment showed that White UCT students were better at pretending to be members of the other two racial groups than Black and Coloured students.

UCT 2013 PR

After experiencing difficulties with the ‘Coloured’ category last year – this category serves essentially as a ‘residual’ category for everyone who is not White or Black – we concentrated on ‘Black’ and ‘White’ UCT students in 2014.

Rebecca Maughan-Brown designed some fantastic recruitment posters:
mask poster

question mark poster

For the first time, we tried to use our new IMGAME software which integrates all aspects of the game in one platform. While it worked successfully to some extend, we experienced some problems at all stages of the experiment. Nonetheless, we managed to complete one Step1 session (we also had to write one off) and also processed a total of 380 students at Step2. Due to some more software problems, we were not able to complete Step4 as planned, but we should complete this step around June or July. Step1 at UCT

Step1 at UCT

Step2 at UCT

Rob Evans also used the opportunity and gave a presentation about the Imitation Game method and resaults from last year’s Cape Town experiment to an interested CSSR audience.
Rob Evans presenting at UCT


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