Ceri Hammond

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University Research Fellow and Research Group Leader 


Curriculum Vitae

Following his MSc studies in chemistry (1st class, hons), Ceri received a fellowship to pursue post-graduate study, with which he joined the group of Prof. Graham J. Hutchings FRS at the Cardiff Catalysis Institute. His PhD (completed summer 2011) focused on the selective oxidation of methane to methanol with zeolite based catalysts, and was performed as part of the ‘Dow Methane Challenge’ in collaboration with The Dow Chemical Company. For his PhD work, he was awarded the biennial ‘Best European PhD Thesis Prize’ of the European Federation of Catalysis Societies (EFCATS), for the best catalysis-focused thesis completed within Europe between 2011-2013. His work was also shortlisted for the triennial ‘PhD Prize’ of the Federation of European Zeolites Association (FEZA), for best PhD work in zeolites and related materials.

Following his PhD, Ceri spent several years (2011-2014) as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Chemical Engineering department at ETH Zurich, where he focused upon selective oxidation processes, and gained significant expertise in the area of in situ spectroscopy. In 2013, Ceri was awarded a tenure-track research position by Cardiff University, and subsequently returned to the Cardiff Catalysis Institute in early 2014 as a faculty member and an independent research group leader. In 2015, he was awarded a prestigious University Research Fellowship from The Royal Society, a 5 year personal research grant that he holds at Cardiff.

In addition to his position at Cardiff, Ceri holds a position of visiting research at the UK Catalysis Hub, and spends several months each year at Stanford University, working with the group of Prof. E. I. Solomon.

Research interests and output

Ceri’s research focuses on the development of new and/or improved chemical processes catalysed by solid materials. The three main strands of his research are (1) the development of porous materials as sustainable heterogeneous catalysts, particularly for selective oxidations and Lewis acid-catalysed processes; (2) the synthesis of nanoparticulate metals and metal oxides, and their application in catalysis and bio-medicine; and (3) advanced mechanistic studies of catalytic systems and materials through micro-kinetic analysis and in situ spectroscopic study, particularly with Raman, UV-Vis, FT-IR and XAS. His research is  highly interdisciplinary, combining several aspects of pure chemistry, applied chemical engineering and materials science.

Since 2011, Ceri has co-authored >35 peer-reviewed publications (including 3 cover articles and 1 VIP article), 5 conference proceedings and 2 book chapters, obtained 3 international patents, has  provided 15 oral presentations (7 invited), and has secured over €2,000,000 pounds of research funds (>€1,400,000 as principle investigator).

Awards and honours

2015              Awarded a University Research Fellowship from The Royal Society

2015              Awarded a Research Grant from The Royal Society 

2014              Awarded RSC Research Fellowship to undertake joint research at Stanford University

2014             Founded the Hammond Catalysis Engineering (HCE) group at the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, and starts tenure track research position

2014              Shortlisted for the PhD prize of FEZA

2013              Awarded a faculty position and tenure track research fellowship by Cardiff University

2013              Awarded the ‘Best European PhD Thesis Prize’ by EFCATS

2013              Patent for selective hydrocarbon oxidation granted

2012              Appointed as a visiting research fellow of the UK Catalysis Hub and University College London

2012              Cover article in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

2012              VIP and front cover article in Chem. Eur. J.

2011              PhD completed (official award date from University 28/03/2012) 

2008             Awarded a PhD fellowship to pursue post-graduate study

2008             MSc 1st class (hons) from Cardiff University