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Mothers of Africa Opens Shiyala Primary School

Posted on 8th December 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall Last week I traveled with Paul Crompton and Emma Smith to Shiyala Village to hand over our Mothers of Africa Primary School to the Zambian Education Authorities.  In Zambia you can’t have qualified teachers, unless communities can build a school and for those living in the bush, this also means building
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You want to give back to our Global Society?

Posted on 18th August 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall We are all so privileged.  Even in a global recession, we are all so privileged, many of us really feel this and want to give something back.  People come and talk to me all the time about sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise, of giving something back.  The United Nations Sustainable
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Volunteering to make a difference

Posted on 28th July 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall The school build in Shiyala Zambia is for 300 primary school children.  The work is carried out by 25 local villagers, men and women, paid a good local wage. This gives a welcome injection of cash into a very impoverished community. But very importantly, we also have 7 dedicated hard working
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How do you build a school?

Posted on 25th July 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall Last Monday, Paul Crompton (volunteer for Mothers of Africa) and I arrived at derelict Shiyala Community School in Zambia  We didn’t know what to expect.  The school build had started a week earlier.  What can you do in a week? Well with 25 village workers and 7 volunteers, you can do
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Sustainable Education for the Next Generation: Mothers of Africa School Build Zambia

Posted on 16th July 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall Education will enable the girls of tomorrow it take control of their own lives and their own health.  It’s really the only sustainable way forward.  So Mothers of Africa is rebuilding a dilapidated, non-functioning, unfinished school for girls (and boys too) in Shiyala, Zambia. When the community school is finished in
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Health Messages Zambia and Wales

Posted on 14th September 2015 by

  I would like to invite you to view an important exhibition of Health Messages compiled across two continents by Paul Crompton and Sue Hunt.  A chance to reflect on how different life can be for the peoples of the world. Please come to our reception 20th September at 4 pm at the Butetown History and Arts
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