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Performing Medicine: The Anatomy Workshop

Posted on 6th December 2013 by

Wednesday evening saw a rare and exciting opportunity for members of the public to engage with the medical profession in Cardiff University.  Everyone had a great time, feedback was excellent, everyone wanted just to do a bit more.  Maybe, we’ll run some more workshops! Focusing on the anatomy of the larynx or voice box there
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Public offered rare and exciting event at Cardiff University state of the art Simulation Centre

Posted on 27th November 2013 by

An innovative and exploratory workshop will take place on 4 December offering members of the public an exclusive and fascinating insight into the Cardiff University School of Medicine’s simulation suite as they learn about the breathing and vocal apparatus in a truly unique way. The Inside Information workshop, a collaboration between London based performing arts
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Clod Ensemble brings anatomical dance road show to Cardiff

Posted on 25th November 2013 by

Clod are show casing a series of dance, seminars and conversation focusing on human anatomy. The season starts on 26th November with Roger Kneebone talking about Surgery and Performance (we all know about that!).  The fab dance event An Anatomie in Four Quarters happens on 29th and 30th November. The academic department are linking with Tracey Wilkinson form Anatomy
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