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4th May Fundraising Coffee Morning for Mothers of Africa

Posted on 5th May 2017 by

Mothers of Africa supporters, the coffee morning was a great success and raised £162.  Not bad for 2 hours work (though Maria did put in a lot of time with her cake-making!). Couldn’t make it? Please go to and donate £5 (or whatever you feel you can).  We need funds for the Zambia school build Warmest wishes and
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Calling All Welsh Anaesthetists: Better Together

Posted on 7th February 2017 by

  Well here’s some things for Welsh Anaesthetists to get involved with. Society of Anaesthetists of Wales have two meetings in 2017: The first Brecon on March 10th with our very successful Trainee Competition. So dust off your case reports, research, audit and quality work and submit an abstract.  Time is short, get something to asap,
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Twinkle, Twinkle: Many Stars of 2016

Posted on 21st December 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall It has been a remarkable year, so many developments and successes from the stars in the teams I am privileged to be part of. Phoenix Project has gone from strength to strength as we jointly make measurable impacts with our University of Namibia partners. Many successes, but I must make particular
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Professor Bill Mapleson’s Final Retirement

Posted on 15th December 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall   On Monday 19th December, Professor Mapleson will be in the Department of Anaesthetics to open the Mapleson Wing of the Mushin Museum.  The new wing will host a rotating education exhibit and a schools’ engagement programme and we are grateful for the support of: The Society of Anaesthetists of Wales;
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Mothers of Africa Opens Shiyala Primary School

Posted on 8th December 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall Last week I traveled with Paul Crompton and Emma Smith to Shiyala Village to hand over our Mothers of Africa Primary School to the Zambian Education Authorities.  In Zambia you can’t have qualified teachers, unless communities can build a school and for those living in the bush, this also means building
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You want to give back to our Global Society?

Posted on 18th August 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall We are all so privileged.  Even in a global recession, we are all so privileged, many of us really feel this and want to give something back.  People come and talk to me all the time about sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise, of giving something back.  The United Nations Sustainable
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Your Quality Clinical Courses: the Bill Mapleson Centre

Posted on 10th August 2016 by

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall The Bill Mapleson Centre is an education centre run from the Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine in Cardiff University.    Your simulation, clinical, management and research courses are top quality and low in price. Our aim, as a Social Enterprise, is to make these increasingly affordable.  Check out our website:
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