The Bill Mapleson Centre

Lights, Camera, Action: The Bill Mapleson Centre Press Preview

Monday 19th May was press preview day at The Bill Mapleson Centre.  BBC TV, Radio Wales & Radio Cymru and Media Wales internet turned up, and a telephone interview was carried out  with Julia McWatt  of Media Wales. While of course, innovation for patients is all very serious stuff, as is our academia;industry partnership, I very much wanted to share these photos with you, they are great fun.  Photos of those being photographed!  Everyone did a great job, we all believe in developing innovations and innovative education to improve outcomes for our patients.

Photoshoot stars are Sarah Lewis and Nazim Alseed 3rd and 4th year medical students Cardiff University, Gemma Keightly and Andrew Hadfield our Lecturers and our own Eluned Wright, Lecturer, Consultant and Regional Adviser and from Flexicare Hash Managing Director and Gareth Davies Finance Director.    Interviews were conducted in Welsh and English. Enjoy the pictures, by Andrew Gordon of Flexicare.