The Bill Mapleson Centre

The Bill Mapleson Centre: the work of many people

The Bill Mapleson Centre is important to me, it is intended to help bring innovative science, technology, design and education to our patients.  Professor Mapleson has been a friend, colleague and inspiration for years.

Many people have helped make this happen and I very much want to express my thanks.  Excuse me in advance if your name is not here, the list is long but far from exhaustive.  Teresa Bowen and Felicity Sheppard, you are tenacious, hard working and generally amazing. Jeff Clark: watch him, he has a very bright future.  Cristina Diaz Navarro, a friend and inspiration: she does things properly.  Brian Jenkins, the best right hand man you could ever have.  Tony Short, Gemma Keightley and Andrew Hadfield our very keen Lecturers: they have put a lot of work in, to make this happen, well done!  Richard Martin for just being his usual marvellous self, its a great video.  Heath Jeffries, what a find, what a marvel!  I am constantly grateful for the support of my ‘innovation genius’ Eryl Cox and her boss Nick Bourne.  Mike Davies for not wasting time and simply saying yes to that crucial finance question.    Ah yes, Patrizia Donovan: sorted out my messy formatting and got the words right, thanks, she’s big supporter.

I am very impressed with Andrew Gordon from Flexicare, and very grateful indeed for all his help.   Hash Poormand had been a friend for very many years, he shares our vision of quality care for patients. In making this tremendous investment in the Centre he has, quite typically, just put ideas into action.  I mean to flatter him by saying he would make an excellent Anaesthetist!

Were you there on the day? Are you in any of the official photos?

Professor Judith Hall, Cardiff University.